Urban Land Development

MS Urban Land Development Curriculum (36 units)

Course Requirements (36 units) The Master of Science in Urban Land Development curriculum consists of four components.

Prerequisites MSULD students must successfully complete two required prerequisites: applied calculus and introduction to statistics. 

Seven year time limit Students have 7 years to complete the MSULD. 
Title 5 of the California Administrative Code of Regulations (b)(2) is where you can find the relevant language.

Foundation Courses (up to 15 units)

(Not counted toward 36 required units for degree.)

Program Requirements
(21 units)

Elective Courses
(12 units)

Other courses approved by the program coordinator may be used to meet the elective course requirements. However, a maximum of six (6) units of upper division undergraduate coursework may be used to meet the elective course requirements.

Culminating Experience (3 units)

NOTE: The number of units taken in the College of Business Administration cannot exceed fifty percent of the total number of units taken to satisfy the required courses, elective courses, and culminating experience requirements.

Graduate Studies' thesis/project webpage is also a good resource.

Academics in the MS/Urban Land Development program