Thesis/Project in Urban Land Development

Downtown sacramento

We have posted information to help guide you through the thesis/project process. Writing a thesis or project can be intimidating, so the best things you can do are:

  • stay organized
  • stay on task
  • listen to your advisors

PPA 500 Course Syllabus

First thing to do is read the syllabus. This has the most up to date information. Expect to come into PPA 500 with at least the first two chapters of your thesis/project complete (the introduction and the literature review).

MBA 500

MSULD students may enroll in MBA 500, rather than PPA 500. As with PPA 500, ULD students who are enrolled in MBA 500 are expected to have two readers, even when working on a project. Contact MBA Professor Nuriddin Ikromov for more information about expectations for and enrolling in MBA 500.

Steps and Documents

Use the chart below to help keep up with the steps you need to take to finish your thesis/project.



Before enrolling in PPA 500 Advance to Candidacy
Satisfy the GWAR
 This link takes you to the Office of Graduate Studies
 graduate writing assessment requirement (GWAR) website. 
 You can download a waiver form from there.
Write Your Thesis/Project Thesis Bank (examples of successful ULD theses)
Continuous Enrollment
 This link takes you to the Office of Graduate Studies
 continuous enrollment page. They post the form during
 the submission period.
Human Subjects Research: contact Andrea Venezia 
Sacramento State Office of Graduate Studies forms
Sacramento State Office of University Registrar forms
Sacramento State Library Research Guides
 Public Policy and Administration
Thesis Formatting Workshop
Graduate Studies Templates and Guides type directly into the template
Changes to Your Plan
(just in case... ) 
Data Change (address/phone number only, for name changes
 go to Admissions and Records in person LSN lobby)
Graduation Date Change
Petition for Currency
Petition for Exception
Finishing Up Checklist (same as above, you'll need it again here)
Graduation Application
Microfilming Binding Receipt
Thesis/Project Receipt
Degree/Certificate Posting Timeline