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Thesis/Project Bank

downtown Sacramento from side of Tower BridgeFeel free to peruse our bank of on-line theses/projects. They are organized by graduation year then alphabetically by the author's last name. Our alumni have generously made these documents available to us electronically for the convenience of our website visitors. Please respect copyright. You will need Adobe PDF Reader to view these files.

Note: Hard copies of all theses/projects are available in the Sacramento State University Library about a year after submission.

Year Author's Name Degree Thesis/Project Title
2013 Anderson, Brandon Gene MSULD Different Strokes an Analysis of Green Building Demand
2013 Hayes, Jessica MSULD The Long-Term Impacts of Redevelopment on Residential Neighborhoods: Three Sacramento Case Studies
2013 Howard, Andrea MAULD Development Impact Fees and Multi-Family Housing: A Feasibility Study
2012 Desvarro, Ellen MSULD Not Just the Suburbs Anymore: Can the Suburban Community of El Dorado Hills, California Become a Sustainable Suburb?
2012 Harland, Eli Waylon MSULD Photovoltaic Desert: Tax Revenue Outcomes of Solar Development in Fresno County
2012 Herrick, Dylan James MSULD Transit-Oriented Multifamily Redevelopment of an Obsolete Urban Infill Industrial Site: Is It Feasible?
2012 Lichty, Benjamin David MSULD Ask The Builders: Finding Consensus Among Development Industry Stakeholders For Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategies
2012 Murphy, Alyson MSULD Feasibility Study For Development Of An 81-Unit Single-Family Residential Subdivision
2011 Buchanan, Sean Anthony MSULD CALGreen Costs Green, but will it Save Green Too? A Case Study of 10799 International Drive, Rancho Cordova, California
2011 Jawanda, Rupinder MSULD Getting there from here: changing land use patterns and reducing emissions in California through quality project design
2011 Konecny, Kendell D. MSULD Urban Form and Home Value: A Hedonic Analysis in Sacramento, California
2011 Robinson, Russell MSULD Feasibility Study For Development Of An 81-Unit Single-Family Residential Subdivision
2010 Dickinson, Christopher J. MSULD Impediments To Infill Development: An Analysis Of Infill Implementation Policies
2010 Livaich, Joseph William George MSULD You Say You Want a Green Revolution, But Are Costs Greater Than Its Benefits? A Case Study of 2600 Capitol Avenue, Sacramento, California
2010 Torvestad, Garth Robert MSULD The Role of Sustainability in Real Estate Finance and Investments
2009 Michel, Debra Lynn MSULD Successful Side Streets in Sacramento: An Analysis of Alley Activation Projects

If you would like to see your MS/ULD thesis/project on the list, please send it to us as a pdf or Word file to