Sac State University Policy Manual
Campus Space Planning
Policy Administrator:  Vice President for Administration
Authority: PM-ABA 08-01; PM-BA 00-03; PM-BA 94-05; PM 90-09
Effective Date:  January 1, 2008
Updated:  January 1, 2008
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Policy File Number: ADM-0112


Campus Space Planning

The Space Planning Advisory Group (SPAG) has been formed to assist University officers in making sound judgments regarding the allocation and utilization of space. SPAG has primary oversight for all space use considerations, and is established to impartially serve the needs of all campus constituencies in assigning the primary use of space. The group will also assist in more routine matters such as adjudicating controversial use requests and developing policy and procedure for space use.


The Space Planning Advisory Group’s activities will typically address such questions as: Who should occupy new or vacated space?  What types of space should be emphasized in facilities planning? The group will address such policy and procedural issues as: How should faculty and staff offices be allocated?  How should space use priorities be set?  What rules should govern the use of space for non-instructional purposes?  In addition, all space issues that are anticipated to result in expenditure greater than $25k will be forwarded to the University Budget Advisory Committee for financial consideration prior to submission to the Vice President for Administration.   

The work of SPAG is in the form of recommendations to the Vice President for Administration, who will consult with the affected Vice Presidents and/or the Provost prior to submission to the President for consideration and decision.


This policy applies to the allocation/utilization of all California State University, Sacramento owned, controlled, and operated space. Auxiliary owned, controlled, and operated space is not covered by this policy.


SPAG Committee Procedures

Space Allocation/Change Request Form


Approved by Alexander Gonzalez