Sac State University Policy Manual

Campus Safety and Environmental Health Committee

Policy Administrator: Vice President for Administration
Authority: PM 06-03Revised, Supersedes: 91-13, 91-10 and SA 00-07 & SA 91-17
Effective Date: August 14, 2006
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Policy File Number: UMP14480.htm

Campus Safety and Environmental Health Committee

This document revises the membership of the University Environmental Health & Safety Committee and the Campus Safety Advisory Committee.  These two committees are being consolidated and renamed the Campus Safety and Environmental Health Committee.  This change will better serve the campus community by expediting the approval and implementation of committee decisions, creating a safer campus and a more welcoming environment for everyone. 

The committee will continue to be administrative with actions in the form of recommendations to the President or his/her designee. 

The committee will advise the President regarding campus safety and environmental health concerns and will retain oversight of the Occupational Health Committee.  The Occupational Health Committee is mandated by bargaining unit agreement and its membership is comprised of bargaining unit members. The committee is responsible for recommending policy and procedures on issues related to workplace safety. 

The new committee will not retain the coordination, consolidation and allocation of tasks related to the following subcommittees as originally directed in PM 91-10: 

  • Radiation Safety Committee (Existing Manual – No Policy)
  • Animal Care and Use Committee (Existing Policy & Procedure)
  • Diving Safety Control Board (No longer functioning – Existing Manual, no policy on-line)
  • Human Subjects Committee (Existing Policy & Procedures)

Instead, these committees will report to Academic Affairs.  A member of Risk Management Services will participate on each committee as an active voting member.  


The Campus Safety and Environmental Health Committee is charged with the task of developing and recommending to the President of California State University, Sacramento policy, policy changes and other actions related to public and occupational safety and environmental quality within the campus community.  Specific responsibilities of the committee include, but are not limited to: 

  • Reviewing related issues raised by campus and/or community members, and making appropriate recommendations for action, through policy and program development;
  • Reviewing the status of, providing guidance for, and assisting in the development of disaster preparation programs, continuity planning, disaster recovery and related training; 
  • Reviewing regulatory mandates related to public safety, environmental compliance, risk management and occupational safety, and making appropriate recommendations for action and/or developing related policies and programs;
  • Making recommendations to promote greater sensitivity to the needs of our diverse population with regard to safety and environmental issues.

The committee will meet at least three times per year and be co-chaired by both the Assistant Vice President for Risk Management Services and the Director of Public Safety.  The co-chairs are responsible for providing administrative support to the committee. 


Appointments to the committee are made by the President upon receipt of recommendations from appropriate campus organizations or other appropriate means.  Membership shall be for a period of two years.  The President shall have the option of reappointing members to additional terms.  The composition of the committee will be as follows: 

Campus Safety & Environmental Health Committee Members 

  • One faculty representing the Criminal Justice Department [recommended by the Faculty Senate]
  • One student [recommended by ASI]
  • Vice President for Student Affairs or designee
  • Director of Public Safety or Lieutenant [Co-chair]
  • Assistant Vice President for Risk Management Services [Co-chair]
  • Sacramento Community Representative [optional, at discretion of the President]
  • Director of Environmental Health and Safety or designee
  • Vice President for Human Resources or designee
  • Legal Counsel
  • Director of Risk Management & Business Continuity Planning
  • Library Representative
  • Facilities Management Representative
  • Staff Representative
  • Chair, Occupational Health Committee
  • Dean, Natural Sciences and Math or designee

The Chief Financial Officer/Vice President is responsible for administration of these actions.