Sac State University Policy Manual

Faculty Consultation with the President on the Appointment of Administrators

Policy Administrator: Vice President for Human Resources
Authority: PM 02-06, Superseded policies - Selection of Vice Presidents, University Deans/                  Librarians;
Effective Date: March 15, 2002
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Responsibility for the appointment of college and university administrators rests with the President. Faculty will be consulted in the selection of the CSUS administrators who are most directly involved in making decisions affecting the quality of academic programs.


I. The Selection Advisory Committee for positions listed on Attachment A shall normally be constituted as shown below. The Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate will be consulted if a modification of these procedures is needed.

For all positions listed on Attachment A, a voting majority of the committee shall be faculty. Except for searches for College Deans and the Director and Dean of the Library, tenured faculty members will be recommended for committee membership by the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate, subject to confirmation by the Faculty Senate. Normally, each of the faculty members shall be selected from a different college.

In the case of the selection of a College Dean or Director and Dean of the Library, a majority of the tenured faculty members on the committee shall be recommended from the college or library faculty by the duly constituted faculty consultative body of the college or library. Other faculty shall be recommended by the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate from the faculty-at-large. These other members shall not be from the college conducting the search. The at-large membership shall be confirmed by the Faculty Senate.

Other Committee Members

-- One (1) or two (2) members selected by the President. One of these may be a representative of the community.

-- One (1) member of the staff recommended by the University Staff Assembly and approved by the President.

-- One (1) or two (2) student members, normally recommended by the President of the Associated Students or, in the case of the colleges, by the duly constituted student organization.

II. Consultative Procedures for the Selection of Assoc/Assistant  Deans/Librarians

The policies and procedures stated in PM 86-03, dated April 8, 1986, will be followed.

III. Consultative Procedures for Other Vice Presidential/Program Center Level Positions

Composition of the Selection Advisory Committee for these other positions may include faculty. The number of faculty on the committee will be appropriate to the centrality of the position to the academic mission of the university and/or the extent of faculty expertise in the area of responsibility of the position. The Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate will be consulted concerning the number of faculty nominated to serve on search committees for other Vice Presidential and Program Center level positions.

IV, When the scope of the search process for filling acting or interim positions encompasses timeframes that occur during nonacademic workdays, the Faculty Senate Executive Committee shall be consulted regarding the selection process for constituting the voting majority of the faculty (see Section 1, paragraph 2).

V. Membership of the Selection Advisory Committee should reflect the diversity of the campus. The individuals selected to serve on the committee should have knowledge of the competencies needed in the particular position. Members of the Selection Advisory Committee will not be candidates for the position. The committee will select its chair.

11/1/00 - Approval recommended by the Faculty Policies Committee

Attachment A

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Assistant/Associate Vice Presidents in Academic Affairs

Director and Dean of the Library

Deans of Colleges