Sac State University Policy Manual

Commercial Solicitations and Sales on Campus

Policy Administrator: Vice President for Student Affairs
Authority: PM 04-04, PM 02-03,  PM 00-02,  Assembly Bill 521
Effective Date: April 5, 2004
Index Cross-References: Sales, Solicitations
Policy File Number: UMC02325.htm

Commercial Solicitations and Sales on Campus

A.        Commercial solicitation and sales on campus are prohibited unless prior written authorization has been obtained.  Certain organizations are permitted to use designated campus facilities to raise funds, through commercial solicitations and sales, provided the funds raised will support the educational mission of the organization and are not used for personal profit.

 1.         Registered student organizations in good standing with the University may raise funds on campus by representing commercial vendors and acting on their behalf, provided that

a.         The organizations complete an application process through
             Student Activities; and

b.         Only student members of the organization approved to represent the commercial vendor may conduct the actual sales or solicitation. 

2.         Other University departments or organizations must be approved by the Commercial Activities Advisory Group before representation may begin.

3. Commercial sales and solicitation activities that necessitate direct vendor/customer contact may be arranged through the Director of Student Activities, or his/ her designee.

4 .         The CSUS Foundation may permit commercial vendors to use the tarmac area opposite the Bookstore entrance. [1]

B.         Timelines: Since proper agreements and payment of fees must be in place prior to the issuance of a permit and the beginning of any sale or solicitation, organization representatives should initiate the process at least two weeks in advance of the intended start date for a commercial solicitation. 

C.         Administration of policy: 

1.         On-campus commercial sales and solicitation policies and practices will be consistent with established CSUS University fund raising policy, trustee policy; CSU General Counsel Opinion; relevant court cases; state law; etc.  

2.         The Vice President for Student Affairs will administer this commercial sales and solicitation policy and procedure.  Approval of outdoor commercial sales and solicitation is delegated to Student Activities for student organizations and for vendors requesting direct contact.  The CSUS Foundation is responsible for requests to use the tarmac area opposite the Hornet Bookstore entrance.

3.         The maximum number of vendors permitted on campus at any one time may be limited by the Director of Student Activities based upon campus use and in consultation with the Executive Director of the CSUS Foundation.

D.        Fees:  A minimum daily fee of $300.00, payable in advance, will be required for commercial vendor access to campus through student organization representation.  The minimum fee for direct access fees will be $500.00 per day, also payable in advance.  A higher fee may be applicable based upon cost of goods to customer, anticipated sales volume, campus services requested, and/or the amount of space required for a specific activity.  The Director of Student Activities must be included in all negotiations prior to final contract agreement for student organizations. 

E.         Handling of Funds: 

1.         Student organization funds will be placed on deposition through Student Activities in a designated campus account.  Payment should be in the form of a money order, cashier's check, or certified check; all other means of payment must clear the presenter's bank before the activity will be permitted to begin.  Funds will be released into the designated student organization's campus account upon completion of the commercial solicitation and required paperwork. 

2.         Funds to the Hornet Bookstore will follow standard CSUS Foundation accounting procedure.   

3.         Funds to other University departments, including Student Activities, will follow University procedures. 

F.         Enforcement: 

1.         A commercial vendor who fails to comply with agreed upon stipulations for the specified sale/solicitation will have its activity terminated and forfeit any funds previously paid.  

2.         Enforcement of the policy will rest with the Departments of Student Activities and Public Safety.  

3.         Student Activities will address any violations committed by a student organization and vendors conducting direct contact activities. 

4.         The Commercial Activities Advisory Group will oversee solicitations by other University departments. 

G.        Time, place and manner regulations: 

1.         Commercial sales and solicitation activities may be permitted between the hours of 9:00 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday. 

2.         Commercial sales and solicitation by student organizations and other University departments shall be limited to the walkway between the Library and the University Union, and upon special consideration, the walkway area on the west side of River Front Market.  The walkway area opposite the Hornet Bookstore is reserved for commercial vendors sponsored by the CSUS Foundation.   No outdoor solicitation will be permitted anywhere else including the Library Quad unless approved by special action by the Commercial Activities Advisory Group.

3.         Commercial solicitations that include credit card applications are subject to additional regulations .  [ Section 1747.02 of the Civil Code, Chapter1.3; Section 99030 of Part 65 of the Education Code, relating to credit cards.]

a. Promotions may not require applicant to be a student for participation.

b. Educational material about credit card debt must be available with all applications. Student Activities must approve educational material in advance.

c.         Premiums or gifts may not be offered or given as part of the

4.         Commercial solicitations offering a premium or gift as a part of the promotion may not require participation in the solicitation or sale as a condition for receiving the gift or premium and said item must be made available to any student upon request. 

5.         Each vendor must prominently display, as determined by Student Activities, the CSUS Foundation, or the Commercial Activities Advisory Group, as appropriate, the terms and conditions of any sales of goods or services offered by the vendor.  The display must be visible to any prospective participant. 

6.         A signed copy of the approved campus permit must be on display and visible to the public at all times during the commercial activity. 

H.        A Commercial Activities Advisory Group consisting of the Executive Director, CSUS Foundation and the Vice Presidents for University Advancement, Student Affairs, and Administrative Affairs, and two student members of a recognized university club or organization recommended by the president of the Associated Students.  The Vice President University Advancement will serve as chair.  This group is to serve as the "appeal" entity for solicitation requests not accommodated by Student Activities or the CSUS Foundation. 

I.         Student Activities and the CSUS Foundation are to prepare and submit reports
           on commercial activities to CAAG at the end of each semester.  The reports are
           to contain the names of soliciting groups; number and date of solicitation days;
           contact person for soliciting entity; fees paid; etc.

[1] Exception: Space Management will approve fund raising activities conducted in conjunction with off campus organizations' use of campus facilities.