University Strategic Plan

The students, faculty and staff on Sacramento State's Strategic Planning Committee are pleased to present the University's new Strategic Plan for 2014-2020. The committee wishes to thank the campus community for all the helpful feedback received during the planning process.

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Envisioning our Future


As California's capital university, we transform lives by preparing students for leadership, service, and success.


Sacramento State will be a recognized leader in education, innovation, and engagement.


Student Success; Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity; Diversity and Inclusion; Community Engagement; Innovation; Integrity; and Accountability

Welcome to the University's
new Strategic Plan

I invite you to check out Sacramento State's new Strategic Plan for the University.

The plan will guide all aspects of our work for the next several years. Since our Strategic Plan was last revised in 2007, Sacramento State and public higher education in general have changed dramatically. New challenges, opportunities and technologies are transforming everything we do as an institution.

Our goal was to create a new plan that shapes the mission, vision, values and strategic direction of the University so we can succeed as an institution in the years to come.

I personally thank everyone who participated in the planning process, including the students, graduates, faculty, staff, community members and supporters who provided feedback about the University and suggestions on where we should go as an institution.

I appreciate your interest in the future of Sacramento State, and I look forward to working with you to ensure a brighter future for our students and community.

- President Alexander Gonzalez


Sacramento State's Strategic Goals, 2014-2020



Enhance student learning
and success


Foster innovative teaching, scholarship, and research

Commit to engaging the community by building enduring partnerships that strengthen and enrich the region

Excel as a place to learn, work, live, and visit


Engage students in a comprehensive university experience


Promote a strong
University identity





The Strategic Planning Process

In 2013, students, faculty and staff began creating a new Strategic Plan for Sacramento State. The process included months of research and discussions with representatives from all areas of the campus and external communities.

Led by President Alexander Gonzalez and Professor Michael Wright, members of the Strategic Planning Committee sought input from students, faculty, staff, graduates, community members and supporters. They held focus groups and forums, and received input through online comment forms.

The result is a new Strategic Plan that reflects the needs, ideas and ambitions of our entire community. It sets goals and measures for achievement, and frames the work to be done to ensure a successful Sacramento State.

Key Milestones

October 2013: Establish the planning framework

November 2013: Gather community input

January 2014: Present key findings

February 2014: Develop strategic priorities and indicators of achievement

March 2014: Draft the Strategic Plan

March/April 2014: Post the draft Strategic Plan for public review

April 2014: Present the draft Strategic Plan to President Gonzalez and the Strategic Planning Committee

August 2014: Present the Strategic Plan at the 2014 Fall Address

Fall 2014: Develop strategic plans for individual schools, colleges and units