Goal 1: Enhance Student Learning and Success


  1. Reinvigorate and redesign the Graduation Initiative to emphasize projects that achieve their stated goals

  2. Determine the factors that close the achievement gap and initiate targeted programs based on these findings

  3. Support effective student success initiatives, such as advising and mentoring, and align course offerings to facilitate timely graduation

  4. Increase institutional efforts to support student learning, program customization, and outcome-based assessment

  5. Reduce the number of course "bottlenecks"

  6. Increase the number of online course offerings

  7. Support and provide opportunities for increasing students' civic and global knowledge, experience, and perspectives

  8. Establish criteria for evaluating post-graduation outcomes and implement improvement strategies

  9. Partner with feeder K-12 school districts to ensure "college readiness" upon admission

  10. Partner with feeder community colleges to ensure upper division transfer readiness with the Associate's Degree for Transfer


Indicators of Achievement

  1. Increase graduation rates

    • Increase the 4-year and 6-year first year student rate by 24% by 2020

    • Increase the 2-year and 4-year rate for new transfer students by 12% by 2020

  2. Close achievement gaps in degree attainment between underrepresented minority students (URM) and non-URM students

    • Reduce the achievement gap for underrepresented first year students by 50% by 2020

    • Reduce the achievement gap for underrepresented transfer students by 50% by 2020

  3. Increase the number of "college-ready" first year students (students who do not require remedial courses in their first year at Sacramento State) from 47% to 53% by 2020

  4. Increase the number of new transfer students who are admitted with an Associate's Degree for Transfer by 50% by 2020

  5. Determine the percentage of 2014-2015 graduates who are employed in their career of choice, admitted to graduate school, or entered a service program, and increase that number by 2020


Goal 2: Foster Innovative Teaching, Scholarship, and Research

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