Goal 2: Foster Innovative Teaching, Scholarship, and Research


  1. Develop and implement shared learning goals and assessment processes across curricular and co-curricular programming

  2. Incentivize innovation in teaching and learning by restructuring Sacramento State's award system and establishing a University Prize for innovative curriculum

  3. Revise curriculum to reflect contemporary learning modalities and topics

  4. Require that new faculty be mentored at the college level to create a personalized roadmap for research, teaching, and service

  5. Expand the development of community-focused, hands-on experiential learning opportunities for students

  6. Provide support for emerging funding opportunities and make strategic investments in new areas of research

  7. Promote impactful research and scholarship that involves students

  8. Develop multi-disciplinary programs that reflect the future needs of our region

  9. Promote University expertise, programs, collections, and curriculum that represent commitment to a diverse campus community

  10. Promote international education, research, and engagement.


Indicators of Achievement

  1. Increase the number of students who participate in high-impact learning experiences (as defined by the Association of American Colleges and Universities) by 2020

  2. Increase the number of students who participate in research-oriented events and publish in peer-reviewed journals by 2020

  3. Increase the number of faculty members applying for grants and other funding opportunities by 30%, with at least half of that number coming from first-time applicants

  4. Achieve national recognition as a Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI)


Goal 3: Commit to Engaging the Community

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