Goal 3: Commit to Engaging the Community by Building Enduring Partnerships to Strengthen and Enrich the Region


  1. Develop programming, organizations, mentoring opportunities, and classroom engagements that strengthen alumni relationships

  2. Incorporate and expand experiential learning opportunities (e.g., internships, service learning)

  3. Develop, formalize, and expand relationships and partnerships with regional organizations

  4. Identify, implement, and develop advisory boards that support the University's mission

  5. Encourage volunteer leadership opportunities that align with faculty and staff talent and interest

  6. Launch a comprehensive fundraising campaign to support campus priorities

  7. Build capacity and partnerships with signature programs and in areas of emerging and vital importance

  8. Designate a campus unit responsible for coordinating, maintaining, and providing information about University engagement programs


Indicators of Achievement

  1. Increase student participation in credit-bearing internships and service learning projects by 20% by 2020

  2. Increase the number of donors and gifts by 50% by 2020

  3. Increase the amount of grant and activity revenue that supports the University and its programs by 50% by 2020

  4. Increase the number of formalized partnerships by 20% by 2020

  5. Increase the number of community members who are in leadership roles with University boards, activities, and events by 20% by 2020

  6. Increase faculty and staff participation in regional boards and advisory groups by 25% by 2020


Goal 4: Excel as a Place to Learn, Work, Live, and Visit

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