Goal 4: Excel as a Place to Learn, Work, Live, and Visit


  1. Promote the benefits of the Campus Master Plan internally and externally

  2. Improve physical and virtual infrastructures to align with student learning and success goals

  3. Expand services and course schedules to encourage and support a 24/7 campus

  4. Develop and grow signature on-campus activities that are widely known in the region, including an annual "all-university" event

  5. Provide formal career planning to faculty and staff that allows them to achieve their goals while providing succession planning for the University

  6. Foster inter-departmental projects that improve processes and efficiency

  7. Hire faculty and staff who embrace, support, and add to the cultural, linguistic, and social diversity of the campus community


Indicators of Achievement

  1. Complete Phase I of the Master Plan implementation by 2020, contingent on the availability of funding

  2. Increase student involvement in campus-based activities by 2020

  3. Increase the number of events hosted on campus by 2020

  4. Increase the number of visitors to campus events by 2020

  5. Improve the workplace experience for faculty and staff, as indicated by higher ratings on Sacramento State's 2020 Climate Survey

  6. Achieve national recognition as a superior university work environment, such as ranking in The Chronicle of Higher Education's "Great Colleges to Work For"


Goal 5: Engage Students in a Comprehensive University Experience

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