Goal 5: Engage Students in a Comprehensive University Experience


  1. Increase the availability of, and number of students in, campus or campus-sponsored housing

  2. Increase the availability and publicity of campus services, programming, and events to build student involvement in campus activities

  3. Align course offerings to more effectively take advantage of classrooms during off-peak times and provide students more flexibility in class scheduling

  4. Enhance and increase student and faculty involvement with co-curricular programming and activities

  5. Increase the number of students involved in formal leadership and other personal and professional development programs


Indicators of Achievement

  1. Increase on-campus and campus-sponsored residential opportunities to meet student demand by 2020

  2. Increase student attendance and involvement with campus events by 2020

  3. Approve and build an event center by 2020

  4. Increase the capacity of the University Union and The WELL by 2020

  5. Improve year-over-year results in student satisfaction surveys by 2020


Goal 6: Promote a Strong University Identity

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