Goal 6: Promote a Strong University Identity


  1. Achieve a full and objective understanding of community perceptions of Sacramento State through ongoing, University-initiated surveys that are unbiased and statistically valid

  2. Leverage University resources (such as social media, media relations, digital signage, publications, ad buys and other external promotion) to communicate and strengthen the "Sacramento State story"

  3. Promote and support positive, meaningful community interactions that reinforce the University's identity

  4. Build a cadre of student, staff, faculty, and other supporters who serve as "identity ambassadors" appearing at external functions in logo wear and sharing their professional and campus expertise

  5. Apply approved Sacramento State branding guidelines consistently across the University


Indicators of Achievement

  1. Increase awareness of University values and strengths by at least 5%, year over year, as indicated by the University Perception Survey as well as by other campus surveys of students and stakeholders

  2. Increase the number of unique views of Sacramento State news (on all campus websites and social media platforms) by at least 5%, year over year

  3. Increase positive news stories in external media by 5%, year over year

  4. Achieve recognition as a leading public university (statewide, national, international)

  5. Increase the number of applicants for whom Sacramento State is the "first choice" college by at least 5%, year over year

  6. Increase sales of Sacramento State logo wear and logo-branded items by at least 5%, year over year


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