"Voices From Our Community" Feedback

Here is a sampling of answers from members of the Sacramento State community to Strategic Plan
Question 2: "What would you like Sacramento State to be known for in five years?"

Major Themes:

  • Academic excellence
  • Connections to community
  • Athletics

Reinforcing Quotes:

  • "I would like for Sacramento State to be known for science, technology, and environmental science. It should exploit its school colors of green and gold to expand, particularly in 'green' and alternative technologies."
  • "I would like to see Sacramento State be known for being a premier academic campus, providing a great student experience for ALL students, and for being a cohesive campus in achieving this. Right now, I feel like there are so many silos it confuses students, especially when we are unwilling to work together effectively or unwilling to provide better customer service to students. Campus also has limited meeting and classroom space, and I feel like this negatively impacts most students' experience here."
  • "Its ability to conduct meaningful research that meets the needs of the people of California and the greater community."
  • "I would like there to be a greater understanding of the research and creative activity that is undertaken on our campus, both by faculty and students. Currently it feels like our faculty are viewed as just teachers and not leaders, innovators and/or experts in their field."
  • "Sacramento is the capital and should be the flagship university."
  • "I would love students to come to Sac State because they could leave the area but decided not to because there was something that attracted them to come (academic programs we can be proud of, school pride, traditions, excellent athletic programs, greater visibility of our mascot)."
  • "Awesome undergraduate students who are engaged in local business and improving the community."
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