2017 USA Elections Results

Thank you all who participated in the 2017 elections. Winners should have been notified by the committee leaders. Winners will be announced on our website soon.

Special Election - Nominations Open!

The following committes had no nominations and will go into a special election. Nominations for the committees will close on July 28 at 4 pm

Become Involved

USA is the University's organization of non-academic staff employees that addresses issues outside of collective bargaining. We are charged with enhancing the relationships between staff and all other constituencies that make up the university community. We endeavor to strengthen the staff's contribution to the academic community and our representation on campus

General Staff Elections

  • Bookstore Advisory Council
    • 2 year term
    • http://www.csus.edu/acse/University-Committees1/BookAC.html
    • Meetings: Once a semester or as needed
    • Council purpose: Provides a means of building relationships with different campus groups with the goal of better serving the campus and surrounding community. Provide feedback from the campus community.

USA Board Elections

  1. Alumni Association Board
    • 1 Year Term
    • http://www.csus.edu/alum/about/board.html
    • Meetings: Once per semester or as needed
    • Board purpose: The Board meets bi-monthly to establish policy, develop goals and objectives, assist with long-range planning and monitor Alumni Association finances. The Board's mission is to connect, engage and celebrate alumni, students and friends of Sacramento State while building lifelong relationships that support the future of our University
  2.  Student Fee Advisory Committee
    • 2 year term
    • http://www.csus.edu/aba/sfac/
    • Meetings: Fall Semester - 2-3 meetings on Fridays, 2 hours meetings between 1:30 - 4 pm.; Spring Semester - every Friday from February to May with 2 hours meetings between 1:30 -4 pm
    • Committee purpose: The Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC) is managed by the Vice President for Administration; or, their designee, to review Category II, Mandatory Fees,  and Category III, Materials & Services/Course Fees, proposals. The process includes a review of all Department proposals, which includes a statement of revenues and expenditures, for consideration/recommendation by the Committee; and approval by the President, prior to establishing, adjusting, or abolishing a Campus student fee. The SFAC is also to evaluate all existing fees annually to recommend fees for audit, which may include possible consolidation or elimination of a fee


How to be nominated:

If you or someone you know is interested in serving on one of these committees please submit the following to usa@csus.edu by July 28th at 4 pm:

  • Name
  • Phone Extension
  • Department
  • Email Address
  • Committee for which you are submitting the nomination
  • Brief statement outlining why you wish to serve or why you are recommending someone else

If you are nominating someone, please obtain their permission and the permission of their supervisor and HEERA designee before submitting their name. If you are nominating yourself, please obtain permission from your supervisor and HEERA designee. Permission via email is acceptable

Elections will commence once all nominees have been confirmed

SUPERVISORS: If any of your staff are unable to access email, please print out this email and post as an announcement. We want to ensure all staff members are eligible for nominations

The voice of the staff on campus is invaluable- please consider serving the staff and the University in this important capacity


Thank You,

2017 USA Elections Committee

Shannon Ainger, Janie Mutchler, Amy Trimmer