2013 Staff Awards Luncheon

Statements about the 25+ recipients:

Donna Gillott Monsoor, 25 years (Academic Affairs) - “Do the math” is one way to “sum” up the 25 years of service of Donna Gillott Monsoor. Donna is sharper than the acute angle of a “hypotenuse triangle” and has never been mistaken for being “obtuse”. Budgets and attention to detail, numerical and otherwise, are within Donna’s “sphere” of expertise. Donna uses her skills and experience at the “absolute maximum” in an attempt to get to the “root” of problems. As well-grounded as a “rhombus”, Donna is known for showing an “indeterminate expression” even under pressure.

But doing the math only gives us part of the picture—a measureable way to assess Donna’s immeasurable contributions to our university and to Academic Affairs.  While it is up to her to make sure all of the fiscal policies and procedures “add up,” she is more than a numbers person.  Donna deeply cares about Sacramento State, its faculty, staff and students; she is in every way “one of ours”: an alumna, the daughter of a Sac State Dean, and a staff member whose first 25 years were truly dedicated to helping us achieve our mission.

You’ve heard of the expression “can’t see the forest for the trees”; well, Donna not only sees the forest (the big picture) and the trees, but her analysis also reaches down to the leaves and spores. Thank you, Donna, for your number sense and people sense! -Academic Affairs

Kathe Goodwin, 25 Years (Lead Student Advisor, College of Education, Advising, Equity, Recruitment, Retention, Recommendation and Outreach Office (AER3O)) - "Kathe began her career at Sacramento State over 25 years ago and has held several positions, all focused on providing service, advising and assistance to undergraduates, credentials and graduate students.  She began her career in 1987 as a Clerical Assistant II in the Learning Skills Center.  In the LSC, she worked with a very diverse population of students: English language learners, students with learning disabilities, as well as many student assistants who were tutoring math and English in the center.  She met her husband of 22 years, David, who was one of the math tutors and was completing his math degree.  In 1989, she received a promotion to a Clerical Assistant III position in the in the Education Student Service Center (later known as the Teacher Preparation and Credentials Office, aka TPAC), in the College of Education.  Three reclassifications and one promotion later, she is currently the lead advisor (SSP III) in the College of Education’s new Advising, Equity, Recruitment, Retention, Recommendation, and Outreach Services Office (formerly, TPAC).  Kathe has demonstrated a strong ethic of caring and willingness to support and provide students with resources and information about the multiple educational pathways into teaching, administration and counseling.  

Kathe feels very lucky to be surrounded by wonderful a wonderful family, her colleagues on campus, both staff and faculty, who have helped to make her 26 ½ years of service to students very rewarding.   She has enjoyed working and serving students and providing support for faculty and intends to end her career in the College of Education." -Vanessa Sheared

Susan Gonzalez, 25 years (CCE Conference & Training Services) - "Starting as a student assistant in 1981 working in the College of Business Administration, Susan Gonzalez has dedicated over 25 years in service to her lifelong passion of the college life.  After graduating with a Master's in Business Administration in 1989, she immediately applied her strengths to lead a small sponsored research program into the successful group of project managers and conference planners it is today with the College of Continuing Education.   

Over the years, Susan continues to balance her dedication to Sac State with her passion for family, friends and life outside of campus.  In addition to marrying her Sac State sweetheart, which she met at a Halloween party on campus; she is a proud and loving mother of four children.  Besides juggling all that comes with raising her children, Susan likes to spend time enjoying the great outdoors.  For those who have known Susan over the years, one thing that stands out most is her  competitive nature.  Although it has banned her for life from any kind of "kid-friendly" games with family, she continues to participate in many different sports to help quench her thirst for winning. 

It is without question that the campus community has benefited tremendously over the years from Susan's can do spirit and leadership qualities, something which the people around her all recognize as a blessing in their own life.  It is with gratitude and thanks that we congratulate Susan on this milestone of 25 wonderful years of service!" -CCE Conference & Training Services

Stacy Hayano, 25 years (Budget Planning & Administration) - "After graduating from Sacramento State with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (Finance), Stacy Hayano started her career at Sacramento State in the College of Business Administration in the Department of Accountancy as a part-time clerical assistant. She then transferred to the Financial Services department within Administration and Business Affairs. After some time, she received a promotion to the Accounting Services unit as an Accounting Technician II. While there she was asked to split her time between Accounting Services and Budget Planning and Administration. She later transitioned to a full-time position in the Budget Office as an Accounting Technician III where she knew she had found her “home.” From there she ascended to her current position as the Associate Vice President for Budget Planning and Administration. She loves the campus and enjoys working with all the wonderful people she has met over the past 25 years. Sacramento State has become her second home and she feels very fortunate to be a part of this beautiful and dynamic campus." -Ming Tung "Mike" Lee

Jane Heaton, 25 years (Housing & Residential Life) – "Jane Heaton has been instrumental in helping the Department of Housing & Residential Life grow and expand. During her tenure, she has touched the lives of over 1000 resident assistants and over 125 full-time staff living in the residence halls. Currently, she serves as the Associate Director of Housing & Residential Life, where she is well known for supporting and developing staff and for making others feel like valuable members of the community. When she is not busy taking midnight calls from staff, she attends to her family, which includes anywhere between 9-12 cats depending on the season. We are pleased to honor Jane for her 25 years of service to the University." -Vice President Varlotta

Lois Mattice, 25 years (Intercollegiate Athletics) – "Lois Mattice is a true Hornet. She received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Sacramento State and has been a University employee for 25 years. During her 2½ decades of service, Lois has served as a certified athletic trainer in the department of Intercollegiate Athletics and, more recently, as the Associate Athletics Director for Internal Affairs/Senior Woman Administrator. Some of her responsibilities include supervising men’s and women’s soccer, gymnastics, softball, and sports medicine. She recently completed service to the NCAA Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports. Lois is also a licensed physical therapy assistant and 25-year member of the National Athletic Trainers Association. Before moving west to California, Lois lived in other interesting places, from Rabat, Morocco to Montana to Kentucky. We are pleased she has remained here in California, specifically Sacramento and Sacramento State, for so long." -Vice President Varlotta

Jackie Morris-Henderson, 25 years (University Advancement) - "Jackie Morris-Henderson has worked on campus for 33 years, if you count her years as a student assistant working in College of Continuing Education and as a Transcript/Registration Clerk.  She earned two degrees at Sacramento State, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Human Resources) and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies (Organizational); as well as a Master of Arts in Human Resources and Organization Development from University of San Francisco.  Her first professional position was as a Public Service Clerk and Community Liaison/Program Counselor, then Admission Support Coordinator.  She was appointed as Scholarship Coordinator and worked simultaneously as an Outreach Counselor, before moving to her current position of Stewardship Coordinator in University Advancement, Development Office.  Bottom line is if you were admitted to Sac State since 1982, it’s possible you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jackie.   Her commitment to serving the campus community extends beyond her job.  Jackie serves on scholarship committees, has mentored a multitude of students, is a founder of the Black Alumni Chapter, and has served on several important campus committees including most recently the Graduation Initiative Committee.  Her service to the community extends beyond campus, including involvement in the Martin Luther King Community Prayer Breakfast Celebration and service on the Cultural Advisory Council for the State Fair, as well as membership in professional organizations.  Jackie is passionate about higher education, and has a generous spirit and commitment to providing excellent service.  Congratulations on your 25 (or 33) years of  service to Sacramento State." -University Advancement

Debra Preciado, 25 years (Admissions & Outreach) – "Debra Preciado is the Articulation officer for the University who works closely with our community college colleagues and Sac State faculty to ensure academic pathways are compatible. Her extensive background in admissions and degree evaluations has allowed her to help thousands of students successfully transition to the university. Debra's enthusiasm, knowledge and dedication have helped the admissions office maintain the diversity and academic talent for which entering classes are now known. Her ability to collaborate with faculty both here and at the community colleges has made her an invaluable member of our team. We are proud to honor and recognize her contribution to student success." -Vice President Varlotta

Pam Robertson, 25 years (Student Health & Counseling Services) – "Pam Robertson has been working as a Clinical Assistant in Student Health Services since October 1987. During her initial interview, the hiring supervisor asked her if she had ever taken vitals. Pam answered “no” but stated she was willing to do whatever it took to learn how to do so. It was that “can-do” attitude that got Pam hired and it continues to epitomize her work philosophy 25 years later. Pam is one of those employees who managers love to have as a team member. She has served under the leadership of three university presidents, three department directors, and six supervisors. She has embraced all of the changes that have taken place during her tenure, and she has served as a champion for her coworkers. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Pam for her 25 years of service and for her dedication to the University, Student Health, and the students that we serve." -Vice President Varlotta

Joseph Small, 25 years (Reprographics & Mail Services) - "Joseph started working in Reprographics in 1987 when ‘digital’ was basically unknown and ‘desktop publishing’ was just coming into existence.  Joe worked in the bindery area for several years, then shifted over to run one of the offset printing presses. When the offset printers were phased out to make way for the digital printer and other digital devices, Joe once again returned to work in a more sophisticated and complex bindery operation.  Joe is known to start each day with a cheerful “Good Morning” and end each day with: “Have a Nice Evening”. Joe has been actively involved in the Sac State community and he continues to contribute towards accomplishing the goals of Reprographics and Mail Services." -Michael T. Kalstein

"Thanks for answering my many questions over the past years!" -Patricia Lush

Christina Theocharides, 25 years (Registrar’s Office) – "Christina Theocharides has been with Sac State for 25 years. She began her career in Housing, then moved to Admissions and then over to the Registrar’s office as a degree evaluator. She is now a key member of the Transfer Credit team, serving as an evaluator. Christina has an extroverted personality and loves to talk to others about the University. She cares deeply about helping our students and exudes an enthusiastic and positive attitude. Christina is very detailed in her work and does in-depth research to help answer even the trickiest of questions. When she is not working at Sac State, she loves doing home improvement projects, reading, and shopping, especially for shoes. We are pleased and proud to honor Christina for her dedication and service to the University." -Vice President Varlotta

Celene Harwell, 25 years & Donna Thomason, 30 years (President's Office) - "It is my great pleasure to congratulate two staff members in the Office of the President for their service milestones at Sacramento State.

Donna Thomason has worked at the University for 30 years, and Celene Harwell has worked here for 25 years.

A University as large and complex as ours cannot run smoothly without dedicated people who devote their careers to helping students and the campus succeed. Donna and Celene are consummate professionals, and their many contributions over the years have made Sacramento State a better, friendlier and more efficient place.

Both of them know every office in every corner of our campus, along with the people who work here. They have a strong command of the processes and systems that make our campus run, and they interact exceptionally well with the many students, faculty, staff and community members who come to the office.

I especially appreciate Donna’s calm demeanor and Celene’s meticulous organizational skills – both of which are very valuable when it comes to managing the workload in our office. They have extraordinary attention to detail, and I also know that that they are both highly sought out on campus for their deep institutional knowledge.

Donna and Celene are essential to the Office of the President, and they have my utmost gratitude for service to Sacramento State." -Alexander Gonzalez

La Tina Gago, 30 Years (College of Education, Assistant to Dean, Dean’s Office) - "La Tina was raised in Sacramento and began working at SacState in October 1983.  Since joining Sacramento State she has amassed a very long history of service in a number of offices across campus.  For the first 25 years of her service she’s served as an Assistant in Financial Aid, Student Financial Services (formerly, Administrative Services/Accounts Receivable & Disbursement Services), Research & Graduate Studies, the Center for Teaching & Learning; and  Student Academic Success & Educational Equity Programs (formerly, Educational Equity & Student Retention).  In 2008 she joined the College of Education as the Assistant to the Dean in the College of Education.  La Tina’s is known for her winning smile and willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure that students, faculty and staff are served effectively and efficiently. 

La Tina has experienced a great family connection at SacState.  Her father, retired in 1993 as a Parking supervisor, her brother has worked on campus since 1998 for Athletics and see met her husband in 1985 while he was a student and Hornet football player.

La Tina recently celebrated her 50th birthday and is looking forward to celebrating her 60th here at SacState" -Vanessa Sheared

Ronald Krebs, 30 years (Central Receiving) - "Ronald Krebs started working for CSUS in 1982 for Support Services as Stock Clerk, his duties consisted of ordering and delivering office supplies and department billing. In 1991, Ronald received a promotion to an Equipment Maintenance Assistant in Photocopy Services Department, assisting the photocopy technician with routine and unscheduled maintenance.  The following year Ronald attended formal training for the maintenance and repair of Royal Copiers, at the Mata Copier Factory Training Facility in Dallas Texas. Shortly after Ronald completed his training, he was promoted to an Electro/Mechanical Equipment Technician 1. In 2000, Ronald accepted a position as a Receiving Warehouse Worker in Central Receiving. Ronald is presently working in Central Receiving delivering orders to the departments with a big smile and a friendly Hi." -Thurman Watson

"You have always been so helpful when I worked in the CBA Dean’s office! Keep it up!!" -Patricia Lush

Vivian Llamas Green, 30 years (Registrar’s Office) – "Vivian Llamas Green is a proud alumna of Sac State with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and a Master’s degree in Educational Administration. Vivian started her career at Sac State as a student assistant. She was then hired in student records where she worked for six years (in a position she calls one of her favorites). She has also worked in admissions, degree and transfer credit evaluations, and Graduate Studies, and is now Associate Registrar for Evaluations during a career that spans 30 years (and still counting)! Vivian enjoys teaching guitar and singing, boxing, gardening, and practicing yoga. We are pleased and proud to honor Vivian for her dedication and service to the University." -Vice President Varlotta

Nancy McCarty, 30 years (Accounting Services) - "With all her years working on campus and before that as a student, Nancy has lots of information in her head. Everyone goes to her when they need an answer, whether it’s about something that happened two weeks ago or two decades ago. In addition to her busy 8-hour work day, Nancy is also involved in so many parts of the campus community. You can find her at campus convocations, listening to guest speakers, donating blood, swimming in the pool, working out at the WELL and walking in the annual 5K.  Nancy is all things Sac State and we are so lucky to have her!" -Kendal Chaney-Buttleman

"What an accomplishment Nancy!  It’s been a delight working with you these past few years.  Keep rolling your knowledge downhill!!!" -Patricia Lush

Valerie Davis, 35 years (College of Continuing Education) - "Valerie came to the College of Continuing Education in 2010 and over the past three years has grown to be an integral part of the self-support programs of the College of Business Administration. Valerie comes to work with a smile on her face and ready to serve our students. She has a can-do attitude and no mountain is too high for Valerie to climb or move. Her colleagues value her friendly demeanor and knowledge of Sacramento State’s history. CCE is looking forward to celebrating Valerie’s 40th anniversary next!" -College of Continuing Education

Sarah Whyte, 35 years (Strategic Planning & Quality Improvement) - "Sarah’s first job on campus was in a support staff position in what eventually became the Office of the Vice President for Administration. In over 35 years working in ABA, she has been involved with many projects and programs, including the University policy manual, records management, non-academic program review, University strategic planning, business continuity, ABA budget oversight and publications, and quality improvement at the campus and CSU levels. She coordinated the campus building naming project, and for many years managed on and off-campus space leases, acting as liaison with resident programs. In her current position, Sarah is the Director of Strategic Planning & Quality Improvement for ABA, with oversight for ABA’s strategic planning programs, communications, and web pages.  Sarah is grateful for Sac State’s fee waiver program, through which she completed a degree in Journalism with a minor in art, and coursework toward a master’s in fine art photography. Sarah is an accomplished photographer who has fond memories of being a student at Sac State and working here when it was small enough that everyone knew each other. She not only had the opportunity to work with people who were here when the campus first opened, but to observe the incredible growth and maturation of the campus over three and a half decades." -Abbi Stone

"Having worked with Sarah Whyte for over 26 years, I have seen Sarah exhibit effortless and unassuming excellence in everything she does.  She has the ability to take any project and transform it into something better with her writing/editing skills and her eye for detail.  Her standards are high and she is never satisfied with the status quo.  Sarah’s leadership abilities allow for the expression of new ideas and the vision to see possibilities.  Aside from her quirky sense of humor, which I personally enjoy, Sarah is a pleasure to work with and someone that I consider a dear friend." -Annette Karle

Irene Webb, 40 years (Human Resources) - "Prior to 1973 Irene Webb started off as a Student Assistant for the Employment Office. In January of 1973 Irene was hired as a Payroll Technician and was promoted over the years from a Payroll Tech I to a Payroll Tech II and then promoted in 2003 to Payroll Technician III. Irene is a very dedicated Sac State employee, extremely kind and a wonderful listener who strives to give great customer service to all who cross her path. Irene is also a member of the Black Alumni Chapter and the Black Staff and Faculty Association. I am very grateful to have Irene on my team." -Darlene Edelman