The Campus Committees that are seeking representation:

Become Involved

USA is the University's organization of non-academic staff employees that addresses issues outside of collective bargaining. We are charged with enhancing the relationships between staff and all other constituencies that make up the university community. We endeavor to strengthen the staff's contribution to the academic community and our representation on campus. 



University Staff Assembly

- USA Interim President

  • One Year Term

- USA Vice President

  • Two Year Term

- USA Treasurer

  • Two Year Term

Campus Committees

- Alcohol Advisory Council

- Alumni Association Board

- Bookstore Advisory Council

- Campus Physical Planning Committee

- Committee on Administrative Review (CAR)

- Committee on Diversity and Equity (CODE)

- Committee on Persons with Disabilities

- Faculty Policies Committee

- Lifetime Achievement Awards Selection Committee

- Multicultural Center Advisory Committee

- Transportation Advisory Committee

- University Budget Advisory Committee

- University Sustainability Committee

If you or someone you know is interested in serving on one of these committees please submit the following to by 5:00pm March 25th 2014:

- Name

- Phone Extension

- Department

- Email Address

- Committee for which you are submitting the nomination

- Brief statement outlining why you wish to serve or why you are recommending someone else

If you are nominating someone, please obtain their permission and the permission of their supervisor and HEERA designee before submitting their name. If you are nominating yourself, please obtain permission from your supervisor and HEERA designee. Permission via email is acceptable.

Elections will commence once all nominees have been confirmed.

SUPERVISORS: If any of your staff are unable to access email, please print out this email and post as an announcement. We want to ensure all staff members are eligible for nominations.

The voice of the staff on campus is invaluable- please consider serving the staff and the University in this important capacity.

Thank You-

2014 USA Elections Committee

-Shannon Ainger

-Rachel Garcia

-Janie Xiong