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On behalf of the USA Halloween Committee, we all just want to tell you how difficult this year was for us. Everyone did such a great job and so many participated. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. We had a great time viewing all of your entries.

At the Halloween Contest that was held on October 31st, we saw some really impressive costumes and decorations. Everyone who participated did a very good job and put a great amount of effort into it. It was an extremely difficult decision to make, but we have decided on the winners. The 2013 Halloween Contest Judging Committee would like to thank all the participants in this year's contest. We were constantly amazed at the creativity and talent we witnessed!

For the category of Individual Costume:

  • The winner is Donna Leiva, Department of Social Work as "Headless"
  • Very Honorable Mention: Carol Downey, Humanities & Religious Studies as "Pinocchio"

For the category of Office Costume:

  • The winner is Student Financial Services Centert as "The Breakfast Club"
  • Very Honorable Mention: Facilities Services-Sustainability as "Duck Dynasty"

For the category of Office Decoration:

  • The winner is UEI Research and Contract Administration as "Home Sweet Home"
  • Very Honorable Mention: Imaging and Space Management as "Image Manor and Spacey Lane Cemetery"

For the category of Combined Office Costume & Decoration:

  • The winner is Communication Studies as "Monopoly"
  • Very Honorable Mention: Orientation as "Under the Sea"

For the category of Best Skit:

  • The winner is Conference & Training Services at CCE as "Haunted Homecoming"
  • Very Honorable Mention: : UEI Research and Contract Administration as "Home Sweet Home"

For the Overall Grand Prize we would like to honor:

  • Financial Aid  as "Enchanted Forest"

Once again, we'd like to thank all the participants for their time and effort. This year's contest was extremely hard to judge!

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