Writing In Computer Engineering


By Aaron Blancaflor, Sacramento State Computer Engineering major


Purpose of This Website

The purpose of this website is to inform newly entered as well as incoming students about the  types of writing they should expect in the Computer Engineering major. Also to inform them about what types careers can be obtained with a Computer Engineering degree and what kind of writing to expect in that career.

Description Of Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering is one of the majors offered here at California State University, Sacramento. In the Sacramento State Catalog it describes Computer Engineering as this:

“Computer Engineering is one of the newest areas of engineering, a dynamic field that thrives on innovation and challenges. Business, industry, and home applications create the need for products that often can be used both for work as well as for entertainment. In high technology areas of the United States, Sacramento included, Computer Engineering has experienced  tremendous growth, becoming one of the major driving forces behind the rapidly advancing electronics and computer industry. Employment projections consistently predict that computer engineering and computer science will continue to experience more than doubling of growth in a ten-year period. Nationally nearly all engineering universities offer a degree in Computer Engineering. Being close in course content to Electrical Engineering, and to Computer Science, these degrees are found in various departmental and program configurations. At Sacramento State, Computer Engineering enjoys the advantage of both areas since it is a program jointly supported by the Electrical and Electronic Department and the Computer Science Department.”

The Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering is a 4-year program that emphasizes engineering design of computer hardware and systems at all levels. Engineering design begins with logic design taught to entering students during their first semesters. The thread of design continues through the study of architecture, CMOS and VLSI technology, ASIC design, operating systems, computer hardware design, and networking hardware. To complete their degree, students take a two-semester senior design and project course.

Students are expected to satisfy the general education requirement of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) as well as the University's General Education requirements. Students should consult the Program Coordinator for specific General Education requirements.

A total of 137 units must be completed in order to successfully receive a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering. Of these 137 units, 101 of them are required for the major.


Specific information can be found in the Sacramento State Catalog online: http://catalog.csus.edu/08-10/program/cpe.pdf

Table of Contents

  1. Different Writing Genres in Computer Engineering
  2. Career Paths In Computer Engineering