“Language as Symbolic Intermediary
between the Divine and Humankind”
by Brianna Marron

Brianna Marron wrote "Language as Symbolic Intermediary between the Divine and Humankind" in Honors 2: Great Ideas in Global Culture, I. Her instructor, Jeffrey Broad, asked students to write a comparative analysis of literary works on a specific theme. The assignment required students to practice many of the thinking and writing strategies valued in the humanities: close reading of literary texts, analysis of a theme across multiple texts, development of personal ideas and arguments, and an engaging and distinct style. Brianna says in her cover letter that she went through three drafts, on one of which she received valuable comments from Professor Broad that helped her revise for her final draft. Professor Broad and the reviewer for Writing the University felt that Brianna's essay is successful in fulfilling the criteria of the assignment grading rubric, which is included as a link.

Instructor Cover Letter

Student Cover Letter

Assignment Grading Rubric

Second Draft

Final Draft