“Achievement Gap of Low-Income Minority Students ”
by Melina Plasencia

Melina Plasencia wrote "Achievement Gap of Low-Income Minority Students " in ENGL1A: College Composition I. Her instructor, Sonya Hale, asked students to write an argumentative research-based assignment that blended personal interest, a community issue, and a larger public concern. The assignment required students to "develop a research question, establish an argument, find both scholarly and public sources to support their argument, and compose an essay that demonstrates credible academic writing: addresses an academic audience, has a purposeful organizational scheme, provides evidence for claims, and addresses both complimentary and contradictory voices." Melina's instructor says that Melina's essay is "an excellent example of a research essay that is contextually relevant, academically sound, and driven by personal inquiry." The reviewer for Writing the University said of Melina's essay: "This is an excellent example of an essay in which the writer has taken a proactive approach to a current issue using a very wide range of sources. Not only is the paper's argument clear and focused throughout, but it is clearly and very persuasively supported, even allowing for counterarguments."

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