"Reinforced Concrete Loading Response”
by Liana Clarke

Liana Clarke wrote "Reinforced Concrete Loading Response” in Civil Engineering 113: Structural Laboratory. Liana's instructor, Eric Matsumoto, asked students to conduct an experiment involving testing concrete and write up the results of the experiment in a formal lab report. Liana's instructor and the reviewer for Writing the University felt Liana's report is an example of effective
technical writing for civil engineers because it combines three challenging aspects: 1) difficult technical content, describing the fabrication, testing, and analysis of concrete specimens; 2) organization that illustrates the logical flow for many sections of a lengthy report (title page, executive summary, acknowledgements, table of contents, introduction, approach, results, discussion, conclusions, references, and appendix); and 3) effective and professional formatting of visuals, including tables and figures (photos and data plots).

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