Consulting Services


Contact Information

To schedule a consultation and/or workshop, you can reach me at or (916) 278-6925.

Consulting Experience

I have provided writing and reading workshops and consultations for Stanford University, Humboldt State University, James Madison University, University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, Georgia Military College, Cal State Northridge, Southwestern Community College (Chula Vista), Sierra Community College, New Community High School (West Hills), Will Wood High School, Chavez High School, Loyalton High School, Pleasant Grove Middle School, and Natomas Charter Middle School. I have also provided consultations and workshop for colleges and departments at California State University, Sacramento, where I direct the  Writing Across the Curriculum program. For a complete list of workshops presented, please see my CV.    

Types of Services

One to two hour presentations:
A workshop or scholarly talk focused on one aspect of reading and writing. For example, implementing a Writing Across the Curriculum program or time-saving techniques for responding to student writing.

Half-day workshops: Interactive workshops focused on one or more reading and writing topics, such as designing writing assignments, responding to student writing, using computer technology to improve student writing, etc.

Full-day workshops: Full-day workshops can cover a wide range of reading and writing topics. For example, designing formal writing assignments and informal writing-to-learn assignments in the morning and designing reading assignments and responding to student writing in the afternoon.

Retreats: Faculty development retreats typically occur over two to three days, and can cover a wide range of topics. Faculty retreats are an intensive experience, and faculty are often asked to create and share writing assignments and syllabi.

Consultations: In addition to presenting workshops, I can provide a consultation visit for institutions looking to create or further develop a Writing Across the Curriculum program. During a consultation I will meet with faculty and administrative stakeholders and prepare a report after my visit. A consultation can be done in conjunction with a scholarly talk or faculty development workshop.

Possible Workshop Topics

Designing Successful Writing Assignments
Informal Assignments: Writing to Learn
Teaching Research Papers
Designing Successful Reading Assignments
Responding to Student Writing
Handling the Paper Load
Peer Response
Collaborative Learning and Group Projects
Designing and Using Rubrics
Using Computers to Improve Student Writing
Discouraging Plagiarism
Writing Assessment
Developing a Writing Across the Curriculum Program
What is Writing Across the Curriculum?