Writing in Child Development


Child Development refers to the biological, psychological, and social changes that occur in human beings between birth and the end of young adulthood. These developmental changes may be strongly influenced by genetics and events during prenatal life; therefore, studying genetics and prenatal development are also a part of child development. In addition to genetic factors, Child Development majors also learn about how children adapt to their environment as they explore and progress from dependency to increasing autonomy. If a child is deprived of developing properly, they may be unable to reach their full potential. Child Development majors can help parents and other health care professionals provide necessary tools for developing strong and healthy children.

Reading and writing definitely play a major role in this field of study. There are many different types of things to read and write, varying between each profession. For example, child life specialists may have to read things like research reports, observational reports, peer-reviewed journals and more to gain a better perspective; whereas a teacher would spend a lot of time reading papers and writing up lectures. Overall, daily reading and writing are extremely important in this major.

This website was developed to help readers understand what Child Development is, what to expect in this field, and where you can take a degree in this discipline. I hope you enjoy!

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