by Mac Patel, Sacramento State Finance major


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Finance in general terms revolves around the concepts of time, money and risk taking. Its key goal is to provide a better understanding of a business and make decisions involving money. Since most businesses are profit oriented, financial information provided to the decision makers highly influences their decisions. The finance department of any business is crucial in its functioning. It is responsible to integrate between all the other departments that make up a successful business.  Its function by coordination between accounting, business management, and sales is the lifeline that results in achieving profits. Accounting has the most effect on the financials of a business. If the accounting department is responsible to provide information on the funds, the finance department is responsible to manage those funds to determine their use. The major reports that financial departments highly depend upon are the Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows, Income Statements, and Statement of Owners' Equity. Based on these reports, decisions such as investments for the coming year, payments to stockholders, paying off liabilities, etc. are determined. Knowing what to expect in terms of writing within finance career will not only greatly help in what to expect of the future but will also make you well prepared for it. Though the finance career doesn’t require lengthy writing, minimal writing does require following codes and guidelines. Understanding how to write, whom you are writing to, and what is expected of the writing will be useful in providing a well-structured result. In this website, I will go through the few most common types of writing assignments in finance and expand on their purpose, audience, and writing methods.






Knowing the purpose of writing provides a strong foundation on what and how to write something. Finance is a vast career with thousands of different job titles. Since writing will be a major part of formal communication between parties, its efficient role is very essential. Though most clients and investors will focus more on the financials of the company, it is very important on how they are presented to them. A well written paper can have a positive influence on its readers regarding the organizational and presentational skills of a company. From large corporation CEO’s to a small-time report analyst, all will encounter some type of writing in all fields within finance. The purpose of writing in finance can vary from informal emails to formal reports. They vary based on what is required by the workplace. The purpose of writing can be broadly categorized as informational or analytical. In informational writing, one can expect writing to provide different kinds of information between parties. It can involve from one to several employees, companies, clients, or the general public. On the other hand, analytical writing will be mainly focusing on analyzing and reporting/providing feedback.


Following are common types of writing within a finance career: