Helpful Guide For Writing In Nursing



Writing is an essential component of communication and to the nursing profession.  Writing allows nurses to provide proper and safe care for their patients.  There are a variety of different types of writing used by nurses.  Types of writing examples used in the nursing profession are care plans, charting, reports, articles, discharge notes for patients, case studies, helping improve or develop policies for the nurse’s specific unit or the entire hospital, etc..  In addition the nursing profession expects professional and academic writing to follow the standard American Psychological Association format (APA).  Therefore this nursing writing website is to help future and current nursing students understand the writing expectations in nursing.  This will allow students to learn and develop their writing skills more specifically for their career.


This website is a helpful guide for future and current nursing students.  It is important to note four different authors worked on this nursing website.  The four Sacramento State Nursing students credited for the work are Sandy Chin, Jeremy Colma, Hazel Infante, and Morgan Whitmore.  Each one of these nursing students brought their personal experiences from their academic career to help enlighten individuals on writing in the nursing profession.  In addition each participating Sacramento State Nursing student was at different levels within the nursing program. These characteristics help make the nursing website strong and relatable to its viewers.

Background on Writing in Nursing

Florence Nightingale is a historical figure in nursing.  Through her hard work, intelligence, and writing nursing has evolved into the profession it is today. One of her contributions to nursing was her document Notes on Nursing: What It is and What It Is Not. Nightingale’s text confirms the importance writing has played throughout the history of nursing.  Through her example the standards for writing have improved and been established across the discipline. Nightingale makes it evident that since the beginning of nursing writing has been used as a tool. Writing is a tool that has increased patient safety and aided in the advances of strong documentation.


  1. Writing Expectations in Nursing

  2. Rhetorical Analysis and Nursing Writing Conventions

  3. Common Genres in Nursing

  4. Interviews with a Professor and Nurse

  5. APA Citation and Formatting Style

  6. Common Medical Abbreviations

  7. Exams for Nurses

  8. Nursing Programs

  9. Nursing Specialties