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Grads who power our region

Grads who power our region

Look around and you’ll find them—protecting our safety, teaching our children, leading our communities, building our bridges. Nurses, engineers, artists, judges, journalists, entrepreneurs. They are Sacramento State alumni—more than 180,000 strong—and they’re making a difference throughout our region. In fact, one in 26 local residents is a Sacramento State alum.

Employers rely on Sacramento State to provide the educated professionals who help drive our economy and keep our quality of life strong. Fully 80 percent of local business leaders say the employment pool is better because of the University.

It’s not surprising. Students from Sacramento State programs like government, nursing, teacher education, and technology get a top-notch, hands-on education. And the University is continually working to enhance its academic offerings through efforts like the STEM initiative, which aims to increase interest in science, technology and math; the educational leadership doctorate; and our prestigious Capital Fellows program, which places students in paid positions in the state Legislature, Assembly, executive branch and judiciary.