Department of World Languages and Literatures

Fall 2017 Peer Language Practitioners Schedule

 Language Monday  Tuesday    Wednesday  Thursday Friday Student Room Email
Chinese  9-9:40am    3:30-5pm   Yunheng Huang 2032T
Chinese 1-2pm 1-2pm Lik Yan Ngai 2032T
Chinese 9-11am Yuxuan Guo 2032T
Chinese Email for appt
  Email for appt(1-3pm)   Mingxia Shao 2032T
French 2-3pm Nickolas Nelson 2032T
French Email for appt
Otmane Houraira 2032T
German 3-4pm   3-4pm   Hannah Hughes 2032T
Japanese 12-1:20pm 2-4pm 12-1:20pm Preston Vue 2032T
Spanish 10-12pm 10-12pm Glenda Zapata Neyra 2032T
Spanish 1-1:30pm 1-1:30pm Nely Munoz 2032T
If interested in becoming a Peer Language Practitioner, please fill out the P.L.P Contact Information form and turn it in to the Department of World Languages and Literatures office located in Mariposa 2051.  Schedules are finalized by the 4th week of the semester, if there are any more questions in regards to Peer Language Practitioners, please contact:


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