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Women's Studies

Student Testimony

If you have never taken a Women's Studies class or are thinking about majoring or minoring in Women's Studies, read below for what some of our past students have to say about being a Women's Studies student.

Brooke Being a part of Women’s Studies at CSUS has transformed me. Not only have I gained numerous skills that will further my educational, and career goals, but I have also been given the tools to fight against the social injustices affecting women on a local as well as global scale. Brooke S. Davis,
Women’s Studies major
Ruth Women’s Studies is essential for a complete college education. It has provided me a strong framework and support system that has enabled me to think critically. This ability has empowered me to formulate a more inclusive world view, igniting a passion for social change and celebrating choices within all aspects of my life Ruth Breech,
Women’s Studies major
Ebony I am just passionate about the study. I switched from English to Women’s Studies, because I want to improve the status of women and be educated enough to understand the real battle. Ebony Aaron,
Women’s Studies major
Cindy I’ve learned more from the few classes I took for my minor than in all my other classes combined. I learned about different types of oppression, different groups that are oppressed, different reactions to oppression, different results of oppression and different ways to fight oppression.

Kristy Johnson
Women’s Studies minor
Joanne I have switched majors four or five times and I have finally found the major that intrigues me the most. Women’s Studies gives me the “other side” of current events that most people never hear. Joanne Ahola,
Women’s Studies major