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Steering Committee:

  • Professor Kathy Moore, Coordinator
kcmoore@csus.edu 278-6513
  • Professor Nicole Buffard-O'Shea
buffard@csus.edu 278-5757
  • Professor Carol Eberhart
transwiz@aol.com 278-6945
  • Professor Laurence Lambert
llambert@csus.edu 278-4031
  • Professor Kazue Masuyama
kmasuyama@csus.edu 278-5667
  • Professor Laurette Suter
suterla@csus.edu 278-7417
  • Ms. Rose Perez
perezr@csus.edu 278-6333

Any Questions on the this web page, please email Professor Kazue Masuyama

Department of Foreign Languages
California State University, Sacramento
6000 J Street, Sacramento, CA
Phone: 278-6333
Fax: 278-5502


Language Area Committee Chiairpersons:

Committee Chairpersons are responsible for the coordination of speakers, cultural activities, and workshops for the language area. Contact the Chairpersons if you are interested in participating in this event as presenters, performers, and venders or you would like to know more about the presentation. We are also looking for Chairpersons of the languages that are not listed as below (Please contact Dr. Kathy Moore).

Languages (Alphabetical order)

African language

Dr. Kathy Moore kcmoore@csus.edu


American Sign language

Prof. Sandra Thrapp thrapp@csus.edu
Dr. Carol Eberhart transwiz@aol.com 


Arabic language

Prof. Laurence Lambert llambert@csus.edu


Chinese language

Dr. Alfred Yee alfred3@mindspring.com
Mr. Andrew Jun Chang


Classic language

Dr. Kathy Moore kcmoore@csus.edu
Ms. Jenifer Leilani Klarfeld jklarf@directcon.net


Eastern European language

Prof. Laurence Lambert llambert@csus.edu


English as Second Language

Prof. Lindy Tillement nlt@softcom.net



Prof. Laurence Lambert llambert@csus.edu
Ms. Marie Gallo m.gallo@attbi.com



Ms. Inge Carpenter trauemer@aol.com
Dr. Majorie Gelus gelus@csus.edu


Hebrew language

Ms. Amanda Glincher ajglinch@aol.com


Italian language

Prof. Joy Salvetti-Wolf salvettiwolfe@csus.edu
Dr. Kevin Elstob kelstob@csus.edu


Japanese language

Prof. Junko Ito jito3@hotmail.com
Ms. Atsuko Kiuchi akiuchif@edcenter.egusd.k12.ca.us
Dr. Kazue Masuyama kmasuyama@csus.edu


Korean language

Dr. Eun Mi Cho eunmicho@csus.edu


Native American language

Mr. Matt Franklin mfrankli@edcenter.egusd.k12.ca.us
682-9026 (home) 686-7712 (work)


Dr. Neelam Canto-Lugo ncanto@yuba.cc.ca.us



Dr. Maria Morato moratto@csus.edu


Dr. Kathy Moore, Coordinator kcmoore@csus.edu
Dr. Carol Eberhart transwiz@aol.com



Dr. Jonathan Gray jflgray@pacbell.net



Dr. Kathy Moore kcmoore@csus.edu


Southeast Asian language

Mr. Patrick Vang

Luther Burbank High School

Dr. Carol Eberhart transwiz@aol.com 

Community College

Sacramento City College Prof. Magaly Lagunas mlagunas@saclink.csus.edu
Phone: 278-5379
Consumnes River College Prof. Thomasina Turner Phone: 278-6945
Folsom Lakes College Prof. Miriam Blanc  
Sierra College Prof. Nancy Willimans  
American Reiver College Dr. Carol Eberhart transwiz@aol.com