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General Schedule

9:00 - 9:15
Opening Ceremonies
9:30 - 10:20
Workshop 1
10:30 - 11:20
Workshop 2
11:30 - 12:50
Noon Activities (Music, Dance, & Food)
1:00 - 1:50
Workshop 3
2:00 - 2:50
Workshop 4
3:00 - 3:50
Workshop 5

Closing Ceremonies
Join us "Parade of Nations"
Wear your Ethnic Clothing & Traditional Dress!

Grand Door Prize
Win 4 nights in Luxury Hotel in Mexico. Must be Present at Closing Ceremony to Win!

Special Workshops for Teachers!
Special Workshops/ Information Booth
Entertainment at Noon (11:30 - 12:50) at the Library Quad



  • African American Ballet
    Presented by Ms. Nicole Manker, French 104B student, CSUS.
  • More sessions are to come.



  • American Sign Language Linguistics
    Presented by Dr. Bill Vicars
  • Deaf Literacy
    Presented by Ms. Nancy Lynn Dillard
  • Reflections of Deaf Culture in Deaf Humor and Stories
    Presented by Dr. Don Grushkin
  • Deaf Performance in the late afternoon



  • Arabic alphabet & names in Arabic
    Are you interested in learning about the Arabic alphabet? Come and enjoy learn how to write your names in Arabic
  • Henna Tatoos & Coffee Cup Fortune Reading



  • Buddhism in Asia
    This is a brief introduction to the historical spread of Buddhism, from India into Asia, and some of the basic teachings of the Buddha. This will be followed by meditation instruction, a brief period of meditation, questions, and discussion. Presented by Mr. Michael Jones, CSUS student majoring in English and minoring in Studio Art, who has worked as a volunteer Buddhist Chaplain at Folsom State Prison, and taught beginning Buddhism classes at Lion's Roar Mandala, a local Tibetan Buddhist Temple.
  • Martial Art
    Enjoy Tai-Chi, Karate, and Weapons of China and Japan. Join in this introductory class held outdoors (near Mariposa & Eureka Hall) By Mr. Patrick O'Neil. He will share (1) Mindful movement of breath and body; (2) Martial Arts applications within the movements; (3) Path of Courage and Heart within these traditional arts
  • Table Tennis
    Let's play table tennis! Instructed by Mr. Tacky Murai who competed in a high-school national table tennis tournament in Japan.


ESL (English as a Second Language)

  • The Sacramento City College ESL students will be available to talk about
    their country and will have displays of maps, food, crafts, music, and
    languages (e.g. Russian, Chinese, Spanish, etc.). Coordinated by Ms. Lindy Tillement, ESL and French instructor. Very popular session!



  • Iranian Classical Music
    Give your ears a treat! Listen to some unique and wonderful music from Iran, and Learn about the classical Iranian music. "



  • French Conversation Group
    The French Conversation Group that meets monthly in Fair Oaks will hold a special session during World Language Day. Come join our high school students for an hour of French conversation in a natural setting. Open to all French speakers of any age who would like to meet other French speakers and have the chance to practice their skills.
  • Learning French through Multimedia
    This presentation offers examples of web-based activities for French instructors and their students. The exercises stem from a multimedia project entitled “French Freeze Frames.” This project is designed to help students of beginning and intermediate French learn the language and culture through short film sequences (in QuickTime). Although the project is geared for French students, the activities proposed here could be applied to any first- or second-year language study. Presented by Ms. Vanessa Arnaud, French Instructor at CSUS.
  • Le furet (The Ferret)
    Bella Vista High School students will teach participants this traditional French children's song. After, they will explain the rules to the game that is usually played while singing (it is similar to Duck-Duck-Goose). Then, all participants will play the game. Open to all participants of any age and language.
  • Marionnette Show
    This puppet show will be fun for all. Come listen and see fairy tales and stories acted out in French with puppets and a cute stage. Even if you don't understand French, all ages will enjoy the "marionnettes". The performance is put on by university students in the French Conversation class.
  • "Pétanque" - French Lawn Bowling
    Learn the sport of "Pétanque" from those who play it regularly (The Club Francais De Sacramento
    ). Learn French club information for those who wish to know about this fun group.
  • "Virtual Tour of France"
    Discover France, its coasts, its mountains and valleys, virtually with a slide show that will take you from Paris to Brittany, along the coast to Bordeaux, across the country to Aix-en- Provence, through the Alps, inland to Ardèche and finally to Alsace. Enjoy the change of seasons and the variety of the landscapes during a unusual trip that guarantees to expose multiple facets of France in no more than an hour with beautiful slides. Annette and Mike Heacox, both landscape architects, will add their personal comments, ensuring the success of your virtual tour in France. Annette a French native, and Mike, a Californian, have lived and traveled together in France for over 5 years. Please join them on this fun trip and enjoy!

  • Exhibition on France (Poster boards)
    Different aspects of French culture by French 104B students at CSUS.
  • Exhibition on French / Francophone literature
    Presentations of Francophone authors by French 170 students at CSUS.
  • French movie
    La Belle et La Bête("Beauty and the Beast" in French)
  • Exhibition on French
    Phonetics. Presentations of texts written in French and pronunciation practice by French 100 students at CSUS.


  • The Hmong Americans: Their Language and Culture
    By Professor Serge Lee



  • Learning Italian through Poetry
    By Italian students at CSUS
  • Celebrating Italy and Italian Culture
    By Ms. Julie Torchio & Ms. Patrizia Cerruti, Italian Cultural Society
  • Al Caffé Conversazione Italiano
    Ms. Patrizia Cerruti, The Italian Language School
  • Myth & Italian Language Learning
    Ms. Joy Salvetti-Wolfe, Italian instructor, Department of Foreign Languages, CSUS



  • Culture of Irish
    The Mick Lucey Group" presents a variety of our oldest tunes-tunes whose origins date back to the 1700s much of the time, and describe and demonstrate how the music, stories, and songs of Ireland were influenced by the historical times, by economics, and by the native language of the country of Ireland: Irish. We will invite participants to join in on tunes, if they've brought an instrument, and join in on songs. In all the experience should be both educational as well as reminiscent of a good old-fasioned "session" in a pub in Ireland.



Workshop 1: 9:30 – 10:20

  • A. Origami - Art of Paper Folding (Eureka 105)
    Learn traditional and contemporary art of paper folding (origami). Instructed by Ms. Helen Okamoto (Origami artist).
  • B. Radio Exercise (Mini-foreign language theather: Outside of Eureka)
    This is the exercise that all Japanese people. By Ms. Lucy Miyagawa, Japanese language teacher at Kennedy High School. Held at 9:30 am at the Foreign Language Mini-Theather, Outside of Eureka Hall facing Brighton Hall (9:30 - 10:00). After that, the participants will join Swiss Polka Dance.

Workshop 2: 10:30 – 11:20

  • A. Origami - Art of Paper Folding (Eureka 105)
    Learn traditional and contemporary art of paper folding (origami). Instructed by Ms. Helen Okamoto (Origami artist).
  • B. Art of Japanese Card Making (Eureka 106)
    Ms. Francyne Deniz, professional card maker, will conduct a hand-on workshop of Japanese card making, especially for mother day. This workshop is limited to 15-20 people and the cost is $5. By the end of the workshop, you will be able to make two beautiful Japanese cards. For the sign up, please email to Ms. Ito.

Workshop 3: 1:00 - 1:50

  • A: Origami - Art of Paper Folding (Eureka 105)
    By Kari Okamoto
  • B: Traveling in Japan-Slide Show (Eureka 106)
    Professor Swift will share his knowledge of inexpensive adventure travel in Japan. He lived there 5 years, taught Japanese history at CSUS for 30 years, and has led 17 tours to Japan. He will also share pictures of Vietnam where he recently traveled.
  • C: Martial Art Demonstration
    Karate By Patrick O'Neil (Lawn) at 1:00 - 1:30
    Kendo (Japanese fencing with a bamboo sword) Demonstration By Mira Loma High School Students (Mini-foreign language theather: Outside of Eureka) at 1:30 - 2:00

Workshop 4: 2:00 - 2:50

  • A: Singing in Japanese (Eureka 105)
    Have you ever thought of singing J-Pop (Japanese popular music)? In this workshop, you will learn how to sing a couple of famous Japanese songs! Presented by Ms. Junko Ito, Japanese language instructor at Sacramento City College & California State University at Sacramento. Practice indoor and sing at the Foreign Language Mini-Theather, Outside of Eureka Hall facing Brighton Hall.
  • B. Typical Japanese Home of Today (Eureka 106)
    Learn about unique features of Japanese house. Presented by Mr. Lee Bachelor who lived in Japan more than 10 years.

Workshop 5: 3:00 - 3:50

  • A. Japanese cooking (Eureka 105)
    Come to learn how to cook a Japanese dish (California Roll). Presented by Ms. Naoko Iwasaki, Japanese language teacher at Granite Bay High School and Woodcreek High School. The cost is $5 for the material. For the sign up, please email to Ms. Ito.
  • B: Communicating with the Japanese "Do's & Don'ts" in Japan (Eureka 106)
    Learn the basic survival language, communication skills, and business etiquette (e.g. Shaking hands, business cards exchange, gift-giving, attire and so forth). This is a hand-on (learn-by-doing) workshop conducted by Professor Kazue Masuyama, Department of Foreign Languages.
  • C: "Bon Odori" - Japanese Folk Dance
    Bon Odori is a dance to please the spirit of the ancestor during the summer time. It is fun and easy to dance. Join us to learn how to do "Bon Odori"
    (Tankobushi and Tokyoo ondo). Presented by Mrs. Shizue Morita and Ms. Yukari Sekine, Hokka Minyoo Tanoshimi Kai.

More on Japan (Poster sessions, Performance, and Display)

  • History of Animation from the 1960s to present (Display)
    Enjoy learning about the history of the Japanese animation from different times and genres. Presented by Mr. James-Michael L. Torres, CSUS student.
  • "Shodoo" Japanese Calligraphy- the art of writing
    You will have "hands-on" experience in Japanese calligraphy.
  • Information on Japan
    Travel, study, & Career information on Japan - Provided by the General Consulate of Japan at San Francisco & the Japan National Tourist Organization



  • Korean American Literature
    In this presentation, Dr. EunMi Cho will help participants to understand Korean/Korean American culture through Korean-American Literature. She will explore three themes of Korean American literature by analyzing the work of two prominent Korean American writers, Marie Lee and Sook Nyul Choi. Those three themes are immigration, conflicts between the young generation and the old generation, and adoption. In addition, she will provide extensive handouts to all participants including cultural characteristics of Korean Americans and annotated bibliography of those two authors’ work and Korean folktales. Dr. EunMi Cho is an Assistant Professor at CSUS, Bilingual Special Education Consultant.
  • Hangul, the Korean Alphabet
    Introduction of the world’s most scientific writing system! A brief history of the Korean alphabet, a short video clip on Hangul and a hands-on writing exercise. You will be able to write your name using the Korean alphabet when you leave the presentation. Q&A session on general Korean language and culture. Please join us for a journey through the most unique language in the world! Presented by Ms. Heayoung Quinn, Korean Language Instructor at Sacramento City College.


  • "Bring Any Old Coin to be Identified"
    Table with Roman money & Poster (11:30 - 2:00). Coordinated by Dr. Mark Riley, Professor of Latin, CSUS.



  • Introduction to Local California Tribal History
    By Mr. Matt Franklin, Tribal Chairman, Lore Bank Miwok Indian



  • Paintings of a Mexican Artist "Jesus Helguera"
    Jesus Helgura is considered one of the most popular painters of Mexico of the XIX century. Displayed by Mr. Daniel Mayorga, Spanish Instructor, Department of Foreign Languages, CSUS.
  • Tourism - Chile
    Presented by Ms. Magaly Lagunas-Carvacho, Spanish Instructor, Department of Foreign Languages, CSUS.
  • "Cultural Project"
    Presented by students at CSUS, coordinated by Mr. Luis Rios, Spanish Instructor at CSUS.
  • Learning Salsa dance, "Ritmos Tropicales"
    Do you want to learn Salsa dance? Presented by Ms. Miryam Ruiz.
  • Learning Salsa & Cumbia
    Presented by Ms. Magaly Lagunas-Carvacho, Spanish Instructor, Department of Foreign Languages, CSUS.
  • "Homenaje a Neruda por su Centenario"
    Presented by Ms. Magaly Lagunas-Carvacho, Spanish Instructor, Department of Foreign Language
  • Peruvian Panorama
    Powerpoint presentation on Peru. Visit Machu Picchu, Lago Titicaca & the Peruvian Amazon. See the Condor Pass & the Ballestas Islands. Presented by Dr. Carol Eberhart, Department of Foreign Languages, CSUS & American River College.
  • "El chiflado" & "Frutas de Llaillái"
    "El chiflado" is a play based on the old adage "Don't count your chickens before they are hatched." With 4 characters. "Frutas de Llaillai" is a jealous husband can force a wife to go to great lengths to hide a past indiscretion, however innocent it may have been. A comedy with 6 characters. Presented by Professor Serrano's Spanish students at CSUS. Play held at the Foreign Language Mini-Theather, Outside of Eureka Hall facing Brighton Hall.
  • Art Exhibit
    By Gustavo Reynoso
  • iViva Colombia!
    Sights and sounds of the Colombianos (Video and lecture). By Ms. Dolly Ruiz, CSUS student.
  • Hispanic Potpourri
    Come see fascinating cultural tidbits presented by Spanish students from CSUS and American River College. Coordinated by Professor Carol Eberhart.
  • Colombia viva!
    Dance Performance by Mr. Fernando Rodriguez
  • Dance Performance
    By Ms. Claudia Rodriguez
  • The Photographs of Roberto Salas
    Catch a beautiful video of this talented artist's work before attending the Cuba Retrospective from 5-9 in Napa. Coordinated by Professor Carol Eberhart.
  • Salsa Workshop
    By Mr. Lucas Burbano, a professional dance teacher



  • Swiss Polka Dancing
    Try a little Polka dancing! Learn the basics steps and prepare to jump, hop and turn to fun Swiss music, and listen to a variety of Swiss music. See beautiful landscapes of this small country. Take home an entertainment skill that will make your next party a lot of fun. Be ready for the Oktoberfest in the Fall. Bring a water bottle for this energetic session! Presented by Ms. Laurette Suter, French Instructor, Department of Foreign Languages, CSUS. Held at 10:00 am at the Foreign Language Mini-Theather, Outside of Eureka Hall facing Brighton Hall.



  • Culture of Taiwan
    Files, Puppet display, & travel information. Presented by Ms. Chiung-Yu Tseng, CSUS student.



  • Traveling in Vietnam-Slide Show
    Recently, Professor Swift (Japanese historian) travelled to Vietnam. He will share pictures of Vietnam.
  • Vietnamese Cultural Dance: 2:00pm
    Lac Hong Vietnamese Language School
    Coordinated by Ms. Yen Nguyen, Department of Foreign Language, CSUS.
  • Vietnamese Cultural Dance: 2:30pm
    VSA Union. Coordinated by Mr. Hai Nguyen & Mr. Micheal Bui
  • LION DANCE: 3:30 pm
    Kim Quang Bhudist Temple
    Coordinated by Mr. Hung Nguyen/Viet 20/CSUS



  • Foreign Language Lab
    Visit the state-of-the-art language lab, located in MRP 2000. Use software- and Web- based games to practice various languages. See how university students gain language skills while having fun in the lab. Presented by Laurette Suter, Professor of French & Language Lab Director.



  • Foreign language proficiency requirement & assessment
    Everything you wanted to know and were afraid to ask! Presented by Professor Kathy Moore, Department of Foreign Language, CSUS.
  • Teacher Preparation in Foreign Languages
    Presented by Professor Kathy Moore, Department of Foreign Language, CSUS.



  • International career sessions!
    (1) International and language careers
    What defines an international career? Come to this presentation to learn more, including information about 4 specific international career paths: language teaching, business, international policy and translation and interpretation careers. The presenter, Julie Vorholt, specializes in language teaching careers. She currently works at the Monterey Institutes of International Studies as the Director of Enrolment and Career Services for the Institute’s TESOL and Teaching Foreign Languages MA students.

    (2) Teaching Overseas
    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to teach in another country? Julie Vorholt will discuss her experiences living and teaching in Turkey, China, and Kazakhstan and bring souvenirs to show to the group. Resources will be provided for audience members who are interested in teaching as a chance to experience a new culture. Q & A will conclude the session. Julie earned her MA in TESOL from the Monterey Institute of International Studies and currently works as the Director of Enrollment and Career Services for the Institute’s TESOL and TFL: Teaching Foreign Language MA students. Ms. Julie Vorholt from the Monterey Institute of International Studies will present her experience living and teaching in Turkey. Mariposa 1000.
  • Chatting in foreign languages!
  • Global Educational Facilitation - Travel to Cuba, Study/Travel Programs
    By Mr. Paul Bardwil
  • Village Travel Service
    Visit our travel booth!



  • Mexican Folklore Dance
    Steven Valencia & Esteban Valencia. Coordinated by Professor Mario Blanc, Department of Foreign Language, CSUS.
  • Peruvian Dance: Tondero
  • Iranian Music
  • Tango/Salsa



  • “Cuba! A Photographic Retrospective” from 5 to 9 pm at Napa Hall
    This is a special event after World Language Day. One-day show of photographic works by Roberto Salas, who along with his father, Osvaldo, has chronicled Cuba from Castro to Che to the present day. The show runs from 5 to 9 p.m., Saturday, May 8 on the first floor of Napa Hall at California State University, Sacramento. A reception will begin at 6 p.m.

More information: visit "past events"


  • "Java City" (Coffee drinks)
  • Andy Ngyyen's II (Vietnamese food)
  • The Greek Village Inn
  • Jamba Juice
  • Gordito Burrito
  • Three Sisters Restaurant
  • Leatherby's
  • Andy's Catering
  • Department of Foreign language (Ice cream!)