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Day Program Day program Click HERE
WLD Registration & Information Booths  – Near Eureka Hall & Library Quad

9:00am - 9:15am Opening Ceremonies
President Alexander Gonzalez
9:30am - 10:20am Workshop 1
10:30am - 11:20am Workshop 2
11:30m - 12:50pm Noon Activities (Music, Dance, & Food)
1:00pm - 1:50pm Workshop 3
2:00pm - 2:50pm Workshop 4
3:00pm - 3:50pm Workshop 5
International Idol Contest at Library Quad
4:15pm Closing Ceremonies

Thank you very much for those who contributed to this event!

Noon Time Entertainment



  • An exciting event to find Sacramento State's "International Idol". Winner will get a prize! For details, contact Professor Kathy Moore.



All Day (9:30-3:50) at Library Quad

  • CSUS Department of Foreign Languages Programs
    Everything you wanted to know and were afraid to ask! By Department of Foreign Languages
  • Foreign language proficiency requirement & assessment (Library Quad & Information booth)
  • Language Careers with the FBI
    Meet FBI agents who speak many languages.
  • Careers using foreign languages
    By CSUS Career Center
  • Learn about FLAGS
    Learn about FLAGS. In addition we will run an "Identify the Flag" contest either hourly or every half hour. Prizes will be from Jamba Juice. Organized by Foreign Language Association of Greater Sacramento, FLAGS.


  • The Importance of Leadership in Our Community (MRP1010)
    This workshop will emphasize the importance of leadership in our community. Different avenues to develop leadership skill will be presented as well as how to become a team player. This workshop will be interactive and several real life examples will be utilized as the primary motivator to engage the audience in the topic. Angela Arriola and myself, Julio Ortiz will be the Facilitators. By Julio Ortiz, Associated Students Inc. CSUS

9:30 - 10:20 and 10:30 - 11:20

  • Peace Corps Information Meeting (MRP1000)
    Information meeting about joining the Peace Corps. We will cover the benefits of service, the application process, and requirements for service. Peace Corps is a federal agency that sends Volunteers overseas for 27 months to support sustainable development. We serve in over 70 countries throughout the world, all Volunteers learn the host country language during three months of intensive immersion training. By Veronica Standifird, Peace Corps

10:30 - 11:20 and 1:00 - 1:50 (EUR 102)

  • Why join the Foreign Service?
    This session describes the why and wherefore of the U.S. Foreign Service and how those curious about it may obtain more information: i.e. how to apply for the annual exam and what might be expected in The Service. By Ronald Reafs, Retired officer.



10:30 - 11:20

  • Music & rhymes of Africa (EUR 104)
    The Workshop describes the music and rhythm of Africa: . The workshop will explore the role of music in African Society (e.g. Burundi and Senegal) and highlight the utilitarian and the aesthetic value of music among African cultures . By Prof. Beatrice Kelley, CSUS


All Day: 9:30-3:50

  • Arabic Information booth: Henna Art (Outdoor)
    Illustrating the art of henna tattoos and designs of Arabia. By Larissa Prudence, CSUS.


  • Your Name In Arabic (EUR 103)
    Learn how to write your name with Arabic letters. We will give you a notecard with your name written in Arabic script! By Ms. Cambria Nelson, CSUS.




  • Writing Systems in East Asia (EUR 106)
    This will be a discussion/lecture regarding writing systems in East Asia (focus will be on Chinese characters used in China and Japan). I will also discuss the Japanese syllabaries (hiragana and katakana); the Korean alaphabet system will be discussed briefly. Audience will be provided with paper and time to try their hand (in pen or pencil) at writing some of the styles. By Cindi SturtzSreetharan, Professor, Anthropology CSUS
  • Kendo (EUR 105)
    See Japanese section



10:30 ~

  • Chinese Arts (Outdoor)
    Showcase Chinese paper folding, paper cutting, and Chinese Yo-yo. By Bihyuan Yang, Teacher at Mira Loma High School

1:00 - 1:50




  • French tables: Exhibits by CSUS students (Outdoor-Library Quad)
    Students will present regions, writers etc. from France and/or the Francophone world with poster boards. Music will also be included. By Nicole Buffard, Professor of French, CSUS.
  • Pétanque (Outdoor- Lawn)
    We'll show people how to play and have them play some games of peanut (French boules). All Day (9:30-3:50). Club Français de Sacramento
  • Alliance Française de Sacramento (Outdoor-Library Quad)
    Learn all about the Alliance Française at our information table. By Ms. Béatrice Hildebrand.
  • Actor Mooney and Singer Vincent (Outdoor-Library Quad)
    Get information about Tim Mooney, the celebrated actor of "Moliere Than Thou" and French singer-songwriter Eric Vincent at this information table. Learn how to book their special performances at your school.
  • Couleurs de Provence: (Outdoor-Library Quad)
    We will be selling tablecloths, apron, frames, lavender products, napkins, etc.


  • French and English Colonization in Barbados and Jamaica (17th Century) (MRP 1001)
    Present with the help of over-head projector the process of French and English colonization in Barbados and Jamaica during the 17th Century. By Fabian Hypolite, a recent graduate from the University of Havana in foreign languages, Cuba.
  • French Impressionism: Creating Watercolor Cards (MRP 1002)
    This workshop provides an introduction to the world of French Impressionism. Participants will also have the opportunity to make cards (with French sayings) and create their own free-style Impressionist painting with watercolors. By Vanessa Arnaud, Professor, CSUS


  • Storytelling (MRP 1001)
    Come and listen to stories for children in French! These books were written and illustrated by CSUS students in Dr. Arnaud’s Intermediate French class. By Vanessa Arnaud, Professor, CSUS
  • Le style enfantin (Outdoor: Mini Theatre)
    Short French play performed by CSUS students.


  • Singing Gabriel Fauré (MRP 1001)
    An upper division French student, Annie Coke, will sing a piece by French compose Gabriel Fauré. By Nicole Buffard, Professor of French, CSUS.


  • Sing along in French (Outdoor)
    Students and professors will sing traditional French songs. The public will be invited to participate. Outdoors near the vendors will be a good location. By Nicole Buffard and Laurence Lambert, Professors of French, CSUS.
  • Le style enfantin (Outdoor-Mini Theatre)
    Short French play performed by CSUS students.


  • French traditional folk dancing (Outdoor)
    A group of students and professors will teach French traditional folk dancing. Outdoors near the vendors will be a good location. Coordinated by Nicole Buffard, Professor of French, CSUS.
  • Movie in French: Winnie L'Ourson (Winnie the Pooh) (MRP 1001)
    Relax and enjoy watching "Winnie the Pooh" in French




  • Sing along and Act "Mack the Knife" in German (MRP 1000)
    You've heard 'Mack the Knife' in English. Here's your chance to sing and act out that famous song in German. Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill collaborated on their adaptation of John Gay's "Beggar's Opera", the "Dreigrosschenoper" -- the "Three Penny Opera". The encore will be the 'Cannon Song'. Have fun! Viel Spass! By Dr. Margaret Scheffelin, Visual Tutor Company.



Noon time entertainment

  • Italian folk dances
    Dancers in La Danza will demonstrate a series of Italian folk dances, such as tarantellas for example.

2:00 - 2:50

  • A Collective Dante Recital (MRP 1000)
    A group of faculty and students will recite the first canto of Dante's Inferno.  Coordinated by Prof. Barbara Carle, CSUS

3:00 - 3:50

  • The Art of Giuseppe Verdi (MRP 1000)
    An in-dept look at arguably the greatest Italian composer ever in the world of opera, Giuseppe Verdi; including video excerpts from some of his greatest works, followed by a in-dept look at his opera "Otello" starring legendary tenor Mario del Monaco. By Robert Coleman, Graduate student, Sacramento State University



All day

  • Japan Information Table (Outdoor - near Eureka Hall)
    Travel, study, & Career information on Japan. Various brochures are donated by General Consulate of Japan at San Francisco. Coordinated by Atsuko Kiuchi, Japanese language teacher, Elk Grove High School and Makiko Swartout.
  • Student Work Display (Outdoor - near Eureka Hall)
    Work of high school and college students who are studying Japanese in the Greater Sacramento Region Poster sessions and hands-on activities by high school students
    By Kazue Masuyama, Professor, CSUS, Masako Thomas, Japanese language teacher, Rosemont High School, and Japanese language teachers of Greater Sacramento
  • Hands-on activities (Outdoor - near Eureka Hall)
    Hands on activities: Writing your name in Japanese
    Coordinated by Yukiko Kozuma, Japanese language teacher, Flanklin High School
  • Japanese cooking (Outdoor - Library Quad)
    By Sacramento State Japan Club

Noon time entertainment (Library Quad)

  • Japanese Harp (Koto) demonstration
    Ms. Michiyo Koga plays the Japanese Harp (koto). The style will be traditional Japanese, and the song will be "tegoto"
  • Kendo (Japanese swordsmanship)
    Mira Loma High School Students will demonstrate some kendo techniques
  • Mor Taiko Drummers (2:45)

9:30 – 10:20

  • Traveling in Japan-Slide Show (EUR 107)
    Professor Swift will share his knowledge of inexpensive adventure travel in Japan. He lived there 5 years, taught Japanese history at CSUS for 30 years, and has led 19 tours to Japan.
  • Origami - Art of Paper Folding 1 (EUR 109)
    Learn traditional and contemporary art of paper folding (origami). 25 people. First come. Coordinated by Naoko McHale, Japanese language teacher, Davis High School.

10:00 – 10:20

  • Japanese Radio Exercise (Mini-foreign language theatre: Outside of Eureka)
    This is a short Japanese radio exercise program for all ages, presented by Kiyomi Miwako Quimby, Japanese language teacher, Florin High School at the Foreign Language Mini-Theatre, Outside of Eureka Hall facing Brighton Hall.

10:30 – 11:20

  • Survival Japanese - Japanese for beginner (EUR 106)
    This is a workshop for people who have never studied Japanese before. You will learn some common and useful expressions in this workshop. This session is useful to people who plan to travel Japan or hosting Japanese people. By Richi Kroupa, Sacramento City College and Masako Thomas, Rosemont High School/ Sakura Gakuen
  • Teaching English in Japan's Public Schools (EUR 107)
    The foreign teacher's daily experience in the public schools, especially elementary schools: having happy, effective lessons, team teaching with the Japanese homeroom teacher, dealing with school administrators and the occasional parent; video of portions of live classroom lessons will be central to the presentation.  By Thomas O' Kelly, T - K Tutorial Services
  • Origami - Art of Paper Folding 2 (EUR 109)
    Learn traditional and contemporary art of paper folding (origami). 25 people. First come. Coordinated by Naoko McHale, Japanese language teacher, Davis High School.

1:00 - 1:50

  • Kendo (Japanese fencing with a bamboo sword) (EUR 105 or Eureka Hallway)
    Kendo is Japanese swordsmanship. Students will explain about their bogu (armor) and demonstrate some techniques. Coordinated by Mizue Kumagai, Japanese language teacher, Mira Loma High School
  • Writing Systems in East Asia (EUR 106)
  • Singing in Japanese (EUR 107)
    Participants will learn to sing a Japanese pop with Karaoke for 30 minutes. Then they will perform singing. Bring your favorite songs with you. Coordinated by Japanese language teachers of Elk Grove High School District

2:00 - 2:50

  • Ikebana, Koto, & Chanoyu (EUR 105)
    What do you know about Japanese culture? Have you ever seen Japanese art exhibitions? This is a mini session of Ikebana demonstration (the Japanese flower arrangement), koto (Japanese harp), and chanoyu (tea ceremony). By Ms. Aiko Sato, Japanese language teacher, Monterey Trail High School. Ms. Michiyo Koga plays the Japanese Harp (koto).
  • Digital Travel Companions in Japan (EUR 106)
    Powerful tools for Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) are available to
    help you with language and navigation in your travels in Japan. If you
    can read kana and know a little kanji, these tools can help you get more
    enjoyment from your trip. By Phillip Shea.
  • Traditional Japanese Play (EUR 107)
    Forget your PSP (PowerStation Portable), PS (Play Station), XBOX, and Gamer Q!. You can have fun without technology! In this session, you will experience non-tech traditional Japanese games. Coordinated by Japanese language teachers of Elk Grove High School District.
  • Ultra Quiz - Content for knowledge about Japanese culture and language & etc. (EUR 109)
    This is a fun "brain" activity to challenge your knowledge on Japanese language and the culture. Coordinated by Naoko Iwasaki, Granite Bay High School, Naoko McHale, Davis High School, & Richi Kroupa, Sacramento City College

3:00 - 3:50

  • "Bon Odori" - Japanese Folk Dance (Outside - Mini Theatre)
    Bon Odori is a dance to please the spirit of the ancestor during the summer time. It is fun and easy to dance. Join us to learn how to do "Bon Odori." Learn about the Japanese culture through folk dancing. Enjoy the music, singing, and movement of regional folk dances. Audience participation required! Presented by Mrs. Shizue Morita and members of Hokka Minyoo Tanoshimi Kai.



9:30 - 10:20

  • The most scientific alphabet: Korean (EUR 108)
    This workshop will explain why Korean alphabets were chosen to be the most scientific alphabets and show how they were invented and structured. By Greg Cho, Professor, California Maritime Academy.

10:30 - 11:20

  • Effective Korean Language Learning (EUR 108)
    Korean language learning through cultural and linguistic hands-on experiences. By EunMi Cho, Professor, Special Education, CSUS

1:00 - 1:50

2:00 - 2:50

  • JONG-EI JEOPGI: Korean Paper folding (EUR 108)
    Fun with paper folding; Korean traditional pouch,ddak-ji, Korean Traditional clothes and dolls.(Flowers, boxes, and Korean patterns are optional if time is available.) During the activity, some Korean songs which were sung by a famous Korean singer Sumi Cho will be introduced. By Jungae Nam, Visiting professor from Korea.



3:00 - 3:50

  • Final Destination: Brazil (MRP 1002)
    The purpose of this presentation is to create an awareness of, or sensitivity to, behavior when one is traveling to Brazil or dealing in this country with a visitor from Brazil. I will share important information about Brazil, protocol, customs, etiquette, hand gestures, body language, a quick guide to the ways of Brazil, and gift giving and receiving. By Rosa Milton, Teacher, Encina High School.




  • Telling the story about Russian Culture (MRP 1002)
    You will learn History of Russia, Moldova, and Ukraine in 16-20 century. You will also learn Russian music, folklore, dance, art, and books. By Victoria Vedron, Teacher, Roseville High School.



10:30 - 11:20

  • Spoken Sanskrit Workshop (EUR 114)
    Learn basic greetings and sentences in Sanskrit, one of the world's oldest languages. Basic historical information about Sanskrit and further resources for its study will also be discussed. By Joel Dubois, Professor, CSUS.

1:00 - 1:50

  • Spoken Sanskrit Workshop (EUR 114)
    Learn basic greetings and sentences in Sanskrit, one of the world's oldest languages. Basic historical information about Sanskrit and further resources for its study will also be discussed. By Joel Dubois, Professor, CSUS.



Noon time entertainment (Library Quad)

  • Latin dance
    The dance will include salsa, merengue, bachata, and mixes of other styles of Latin dance. By Ms. Deepika Raj, Salsa Club of Natomas High school
  • Traditional Paraguayan Dances
    By Mrs. Claudia Rodriguez


  • The Importance of Leadership in Our Community (MRP 1010)
    See Job Career / Leadership workshop section
  • Very Basic Medical Spanish (MRP 1012)
    Learn some basic Spanish words and phrases used in a medical clinic. Vocabulary game to follow. By Kenneth Bender
  • The Secret Life of Chocolate (MRP 1014) Cancelled
    Two Spanish students give information regarding the history of chocolate with visuals and have a Q/A session a la the Food TV show "The Secret Life of . . . . ." A small prize will be offered at the end. Coordinated by Tanya Zaccone, Teacher, Center High School
  • Que es Colombia?  (MRP 1016)
    Travel - A General description of Colombia. By Maria del Carmen Gutierrez


  • Cultural Mosaic (MRP 1002)
    Come see a unique mosaic of cultural presentations that span the Spanish-speaking world. All the presentations created by beginning Spanish students and presented in English. By Carol Eberhart, Professor, CSU Sacramento
  • Elections in Chile (MRP 1012)
    Learn about elections in Chile, including the first election of a woman president in South America -- with pictures and songs. By Nancy Lapp, Professor, CSU Sacramento
  • Latin American and Iberian Humanities Session (MRP 1014)
    Students in Spanish 7 will present their cultural project. Topics may vary, Latin America, Spain, and U.S. Session is organized by Luis Rios, Professor, CSUS.
  • Spanish Geography Trivia Game (MRP 1016)
    Two Spanish students prepare a trivia game of geography questions from the Spanish-speaking world. A small prize will be offered at the end. Coordinated by Tanya Zaccone, Teacher, Center High School


  • A. El lenguaje y lectura en los retablos de México (MRP 1012)
    En esta ponencia el presentador hablará sobre la costumbre relacionada con los retablos en México. Esta ponencia esta basada en la disertación doctoral del ponente. Los retablos son pequeñas historias que incluyen una rendición ilustrada y son ofrecidas en forma de ofrenda en sitios con una trayectoria de devoción a un santo o imagen sagrada. By Prof.Porfirio Loeza, Teacher Education, CSU Sacramento.
  • B. Daily life in Cuba and an important Cuban figure: Jose Marti (MRP 1014)
    This presentation will be in Spanish. By Fabian Hypolite, a recent graduate from the University of Havana in foreign languages, Cuba.
  • C. Que es Colombia?  (MRP 1016)
    Travel - A General description of Colombia. By Maria del Carmen Gutierrez

2 :00-2:50

  • Traditional Dances of Paraguay/Guarani Culture (MRP 1014)
    Research in traditional dances of Paraguay and the different guarani cultures. This DVD and Video are in Spanish. By Claudia Rodriguez



  • Language Lab activities for students and teachers (MRP 2000)
    Visit the state-of-the-art Language Lab located in MRP 2000, and try the various software, techniques, and Web sites used for teaching a variety of languages. Fun for students as well as teachers. By Prof. Thomas Mays, CSUS Foreign Language.



  • 11:00 am Irish Folk Dancing
    by Irish American Ceilli Dancers
  • 11:20 am Moldova / Russian / Ukraine music & costume
    by Roseville High School students
  • 11:30 am Paraguayan Folkloric Dance
    by Claudia Rodriguez
  • 11:40 am Kendo Japanese Bamboo Swordsmanship
    by Mira Loma High School students
  • 11:50 am Martial Arts
    by CSUS Martial Arts Club
  • 12:05 pm Latin Dance (salsa)
    by Natomas High School students
  • 12:20 pm Japanese Harp (koto) & Song (tegoto)
    by Michiyo Koga
  • 12:30 pm Italian Folk Dance (tarantella)
    by La Danza
  • 12:45 pm Egyptian Bellydance & Baladi
    by Jodette's Bellydancing




  • All Day -WLD Registration & Information Booths  – Near Eureka Hall & Library Quad
  • All Day - Foreign Language Proficiency Requirement & Assessment: Everything you wanted to know and were afraid to ask!
  • All Day - CSUS Department of Foreign Languages Programs
  • All Day - Couleurs de Provence -  French linens and accessories
  • All Day - French Club Information Booth - French Club of Sacramento
  • All Day - Alliance Française de Sacramento – Ms. Béatrice Hildebrand
  • All Day - Do You Know Your World Flags? Test your knowledge every hour and win PRIZES! – Foreign Language Association of Greater Sacramento
  • All Day - Language Careers with the FBI
  • All Day - Careers in Foreign Language – CSUS Career Center
  • All Day - French Exhibits – Prof. Buffard & CSUS French students
  • All Day - Actor Mooney and Singer Vincent, French Information Table
  • All Day - Chinese Arts – Bihyuan Yang, Mira Loma High School
  • All Day - Henna Art – Larissa Prudence, CSUS
  • All Day - Your Name in Arabic – Cambria Nelson, CSUS
  • All Day - CSUS German Club


  • All Day- PETANQUE. Learn to play this popular French game. Club Français de Sacramento
  • 2:00 - Sing Along in French - Profs. Buffard & Lambert, CSUS
  • 2:45 - Mortaiko Drummers - Stage
  • 3:00 - Traditional French Folk Dancing – Profs. Buffard & Lambert

Outside Eureka Hall

  • All Day -WLD Registration & Information Booths – Near Eureka Hall & Library Quad
  • All Day - Japan Information Table – Atsuko Kiuchi, Elk Grove HS & Makiko Kaneko
  • All Day - Exhibit of high school, community college and Sac State student work – Prof. Kazue Masuyama & Masako Thomas
  • All Day - Hands-on Activities! Yukiko Kozuma & Japanese Language Teachers of Greater Sacramento
  • 1:00 - Demonstration: Kendo, Japanese Fencing – Mira Loma High School Students – EUREKA HALL BREEZEWAY

Eureka Hall  Foreign Language Mini Theater:

  • 10:00 - Japanese Radio Exercise – Kiyomi Miwako Quimby, Florin High School
  • 10:30 - Le Style Enfantin French Play, CSUS French Students
  • 2:00 - Le Style Enfantin French Play, CSUS French Students
  • 3:00 - Japanese Folk Dances -  Shizue Morita & Members of Hokka Minyoo Tanoshimi Kai



  • Hula Dog
  • Jamba Juice
  • J Club
  • Saigon Bay at the Outpost
  • Starbucks Coffee
  • Subway Sandwiches
  • CSUS Bookstore
  • Henna Temptations – Tasneem Sah
  • Mexico Solidarity Crafts and Information – Tammy Strobel
  • Pachamama, A World of Artisans – Ms. Geffner


Opening Ceremonies

  • Alexander Gonzales, President, Sacramento State
  • Jeffrey Mason, Dean, Arts and Letters Nancy
  • Nancy Tooker, Associate Dean, Arts and Letters
  • Marjorie Gelus, Chair, Foreign Languages
  • Professor Kathy Moore, Coordinator, World Language Day


We wish to thank all presenters and attendees at today’s event. In addition, we offer a heartfelt thanks to the following people, businesses and agencies for their participation, assistance and support:

  • CSUS Foreign Languages Department
  • CSUS College of Arts and Letters
  • CSUS President Alexander Gonzalez
  • Associated Students of CSUS
  • CSUS Office of Public Affairs
  • CSUS Reprographic Services
  • CSUS University Media Services
  • Ruedi Egger, Director of Dining Services, CSUS
  • Sandy Brooks, CSUS Dining Services
  • Heinle & Heinle Publishers
  • Sacramento County Office of Environmental Health
  • KTXL FOX  40
  • Ms. Chiho Endo
  • Ms. María Gutiérrez
  • Ms. Dolly Ruiz
  • Mr. George Eberhart
  • Mr. Ahmad Marandi
  • Mr. Bijan Sarrafzadeh
  • Mr. & Mrs. Phil and Andrea Shea
  • All our students who assisted us with this project

More information: visit " past events "