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Educational programs on issues to ensure the success, well-being, and empowerment of women.

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Leadership and volunteer opportunities for women that build confidence and enhance career goals.

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Resources and programs that promote cross-community collaborations among women on campus.

"The Work We Put In" by Vanessa Walker

"The Work We Put In" is an independently made, 12-minute video reporting the history and significance of the Multi-Cultural Center, the Women’s Resource Center and PRIDE Center at California State University, Sacramento. 

My goal for this video was to report on how these centers at Sacramento State have become a safe haven for some students, and why that is. As a former student assistant at the Multi-Cultural Center and Women’s Resource Center, I’ve experienced from the inside the influence these spaces can have on those who visit. After I left the centers, I went back to unearth forgotten history and interview current staff about the influence they think they’ve had in the Sacramento State community the past several decades. 

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