What is the University
Reading and Writing Center?

The primary goal of the University Reading and Writing Center (URWC) is to provide encouraging, focused, and non-judgmental one-to-one tutorials in reading and writing for any undergraduate or graduate student at CSUS. In a collaborative and supportive environment, our peer tutors offer help with reading and writing at all points in the process, from initial planning and organizing through developing and revising a paper or understanding difficult texts. The URWC is supported by Academic Affairs and partners with Associated Students, Inc.

Students are welcome to come to the URWC with reading and writing assignments for any course in any academic discipline. We also offer directed self-placement counseling and help for students preparing for the Writing Placement for Juniors (WPJ).

We also offer one unit of academic credit for regular weekly tutoring, ENGL121. Students can visit the Writing Center the second week of classes to sign up for ENGL121 and reserve a tutoring slot.

We are located in Calaveras 128. Please drop by to make regular weekly standing appointments for the semster; or, for a single session, drop in any time, or visit during our designated drop-in hours. Open hours and drop-in hours for the current semester are listed below. The URWC is not open during the summer or winter.


Resources for Faculty

Class field trips to the URWC: To schedule a class field trip to the URWC during the first week of the semester, email the URWC at writingcenter@csus.edu.

Classroom presentations about the URWC: To schedule a five-minute classroom presentation about the URWC, email the UWC at writingcenter@csus.edu.



Students who complete ENGL195A/410A, the Writing Center internship course, are eligible to work as paid tutors the following semester. The prerequisite for ENGL195A/410A is a grade of "B" or better in either ENGL20 or ENGL120 or a Writing Intensive course.


Fall 2016 Hours

Writing Center Open Hours: Monday-Thursday 10AM - 6PM
Friday 10AM - 1PM




Email: writingcenter@csus.edu
Phone: 278-6356

Bob Stanley and Ann Michaels
Office: ALP 157
Phone: 278-3345