How You Can Support Asian American Studies

When you make a gift to Asian American Studies Program, everyone benefits:

 The students of today - because your gift helps to increase their access to education and the quality of that education;

 The workforce of tomorrow - because Sacramento State is the leading provider of college-educated workers in the region, with 50% of Sacramento State grads remaining in Northern California;

 Alumni - because as the Asian American Studies program continues and builds on its tradition of excellence, the luster of a Sacramento State degree likewise increases;

 Students in generations to come - because a gift for endowment provides a permanent source of income for educational enrichment or scholarships;

Your gift to the Asian American Studies program makes a difference and you can play a vital role in our future! There are many ways to support the Asian American Studies program. Contact the Ethnic Studies Department office at (916) 278-6645 for more information.

You can also click here for more details and contact the Advancement Office which promotes and encourages all private gifts to the University. Their staff is ready to assist you.

Thanks For Your Support!!!


As a future marriage and family counselor, Asian American Studies has provided the foundation necessary to recognize and respect the individuality of a person and the story that has yet been told.

Thao Nguyen
MA candidate, Educational Counseling