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Staff Peer to Peer Awards

About: The ABA Staff Peer to Peer Award Program is an opportunity for ABA staff professionals (non-MPP/Management Council members) to recognize the work of their colleagues, annually. 

Eligibility: Only ABA (non-management) staff are eligible to nominate and be nominated. Each staff member is allowed to nominate one other staff member, ABA-wide, per category.

Categories: Criteria for each category can be found here.

  • Customer Service
  • Problem Solver
  • Teamwork
  • Positive Attitude
  • Professionalism
  • Innovation

Selection: A team of prior year ABA Staff Peer to Peer Award recipients and family representatives review nominations and make recommendations to the vice president for Administration/CFO, who approves the finalists for award. One staff member will be selected for each award category. Prior year award recipients are not eligible.

Nomination Forms:


Management Awards

About: The ABA Management Award Program provides ABA managers an opportunity to recognize the contributions and achievements of division colleagues and their staff each year.

Eligibility:  Only members of the ABA Management Council may submit nominations. 


Selection: The Vice President/CFO will select one final award recipient for each category from among all nominations submitted. Prior year award recipients are not eligible.


General Program Information

All Awards

For a list of eligible ABA families and units.

Timeline:  A nomination call is issued annually, in late spring (April – May/June)– Check for annual dates. 2017 process.

Presentation: Awards are presented annually at the ABA Spring Social. The 2017 Award Presentation will be held on June 1.