2018 Recognition Program

Staff Peer to Peer Awards

The Staff Peer to Peer Awards portion of ABA's recognition program allows ABA staff to recognize the work of their colleagues. Awards are presented in the following categories: Customer Service, Problem Solver, Teamwork, Positive Attitude, Professionalism, and Innovation.

Awardees are recommended to the vice president by a selection team, many of them 2017 award recipients. This year's selection team included:

  • Michael Gill, Financial Services
  • Diana Lynch, Budget Planning & Administration
  • Nayeli Parra, University Support Services
  • Elvin Saldivar, Facilities Management
  • Andrew Stiffler, Resource & Organizatonal Management
  • Jeannie Swafford, Office of the Vice President for Administration/CFO

2018 Staff Peer to Peer Award Recipients:


Nic Ardelean

Customer Service

Jessica Bush


Charles Eyster

Problem Solver

Norman Kwong

Positive Attitude

Frances Palu


Luis Ramirez

2018 Staff Peer Award Nominees:

Customer Service: Jessica Bush, Julin Chum, Mario Hernandez, Michelle Johnson, Kristy Lee, Nayeli Parra, Jeannie Swafford.
Positive Attitude: Ademidun Adejobi, Clarita Casipit, Frances Palu, Rudy Tamayo, Robert Toal.
Problem Solver: Susan Colley-Monk, Sara Espinosa-Jenkins, Norman Kwong, Nicole Sharley.
Professionalism: Charles Eyster, Janie Mutchler, Luis Ramirez, Colin Yates.
Teamwork: Nic Ardelean, Lauren Garrett, Priscilla Llamas-McKaughan, Fernando Ramirez, Loc Vu.

Leadership Peer Awards

Valued Staff

ABA's Valued Staff award recognizes a staff professional who contribute to the success of ABA initiatives; demonstrated values of leadership, teamwork, ethics and integrity; and/or excel in the provision of quality of service or productivity. Award recipient is nominated by Management Council members within their families.

Glen Boehl

Sarah David
Matthew Smith
Nancy McCarty
Don Nahhas
Nayelli Parra


Not Pictured: Vincent Burton


Team Awards recognize teams for accomplishing a common assignment, project, process or service improvement made towards ABA and University goals. This year we recognized four teams:

Capital Projects & Design Team
planning & design team award
Recipients: Victor Takahashi,Todd McComb, Tania Nunez, Ray Keck, Donovan Hillman, TJ Moon, Grant Watkins

State Audit Team
state audit team award
Recipients: Kristin Weigle Roberts, Steve Leland, Gary Rosenblum, Tim Bair, Daryn Ockey, Mark Iwasa, Mike Nausin, Mark Leisz, Paul Serafimidis, Matt Mason, Adell Seibels

University Transportation & Parking Services Team
UTAPS Team Award
Recipients: Emily Parmelee, Josh Neri, Sara Espinosa-Jenkins, Rosie Tamayo, James Madsen, Florence Jackson, Justin Smith, Nayelli Parra, Nick Iturriaga, Brandon Sanchez, Mel Ardelean, Noel Carolipio, Alfredo Orozco, Gavril Sarcadi, Nic Ardelean, Jeff Dierking, Rudy Tamayo, Valentino Castillo, Tim Light, Colin Yates, Josh Bakke, Robert Favila, Tony Lucas
Paint Shop Team
paint shop team award
Recipients: Raul Echeverria, Jesse Sanchez, Dave Phillips, Alex Pearson

Leadership Peer to Peer

Leadership Peer to Peer Awards recognize an ABA Management Council member who is esteemed by their colleagues for contributions to ABA or University goals, service, teamwork, innovation, process improvement, advancement, communication, or the development of a model practice. 

Steve Leland


Not Pictured: Elisa Chohan