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Fall 2018 NewsletterABA FOCUS is a newsletter "focused" on support for ABA’s staff professionals. In each issue, readers can expect to learn about the latest news, upcoming events, newest staff members and retirements. In addition, the FOCUS will give readers insight into the workings of ABA’s departments and units, individual staff members working behind the scenes and much more.

Writers develop articles based on staff interest and ideas that are important to them. The ABA FOCUS newsletter also showcases staff contributions and achievements, and promotes understanding of current division and campus-wide initiatives.

ABA FOCUS is just one of the ways in which ABA communicates with staff to invigorate discussion that furthers ABA’s strategic and operational planning activities. Through ABA FOCUS, we hope to promote staff professionalism and celebrate the many accomplishments of our staff. The newsletter is published once each fall and spring semester. Additional editions may also be published during the year.

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