ABA Staff Recognition Program

Recognition Program Process



The greatest resource of any organization is its personnel. In Administration & Business Affairs (ABA), a division of over 300, establishing a sense of community is essential. ABA is committed to communication across the division whereby every employee's ideas are heard, and where common goals and values are shared.

ABA is committed to the full engagement of its staff and is proud to recognize those whose leadership, service, professionalism and performance exemplify ABA's values and help the division and the University succeed. The ABA Recognition Program is one of the ways in which we are rewarding exemplary performance and achievements within the division.

Begun in 1995, the program was one of the University's first staff recognition efforts. In fall 2005, program enhancements included two new categories and a winter awards ceremony. The new Leadership and Valued Staff awards introduced a way for managers to recognize their peers and to appreciate the performance of staff within their own units and departments.

In 2006, ABA launched a staff peer award, with criteria recommended by ABA staff professionals. ABA managers and staff are continually making changes to improve the way we acknowledge the good work of employees.

We encourage you to read about ABA's award categories and program criteria. Also, view award winners and find out who among ABA staff professionals are proud graduates of Sacramento State. To view past years' recipients of these esteemed awards visit the archives page .

For more information about the ABA Recognition Program, please contact Elisa Chohan at chohan@csus.edu.