Chargebacks/Campus Cost Recovery (CCR)

Campus Cost Recovery (CCR) charges are charges posted by on-campus service providers for services rendered. These service providers are:

  • Facilities Services (work orders)
  • Telecommunications (phone usage, equipment and installation)
  • Photocopy (paper and OneCard photocopy)
  • University Print
  • Procurement (Stockless Supply)
  • UTAPS (visitor parking)

Charges are posted at the end of each month to the appropriate departments via a speedchart.

After the official close of each month, Financial Services recommends that each department review and confirm their CCR charges via the CCR Departmental Report available in SacVault/Cognos. For instructions on how to print your CCR reports, please go to: Scroll down to the Financials section. Click on the Job Aid link for “Running the CCR Department Report”.

 Financials Example Running the CCR Report