Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Answer: Concur Travel and Expense is a hosted, web-based system integrating a complete travel booking solution with an expense reporting tool.

Answer: Yes, it will be necessary to use Concur Travel and Expense to reconcile Visa Travel Card charges, and be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses. It is strongly encouraged to use the Concur Travel and Expense booking feature to take advantage of efficiencies and potential cost savings.

Answer: The system includes an online travel reservation system that is very similar to typical online travel reservation systems; built in business rules to assist travelers with the multiple travel rules; replaces the current paper intensive process; allows the traveler to do business via their smartphone with Concur's mobile app. All of which facilitate quicker reimbursements.

Answer: Log into Concur.  Find the Add or Delete Delegates in Concur Travel and Expense under Profile.

Answer: Yes. Concur for Mobile is available for Blackberry, iPhone, and Android devices.

Answer: Group travel can be arranged by calling Christopherson directly

Answer: Travel for all non-employees, including undergraduate students should be handled using the same process that is currently in place. For additional help, contact the Travel Department.

Answer: Internet Explorer 11.0, Firefox 60.0, Google Chrome 66.0, and Safari 10.0 are fully supported by Concur. Other browsers and various operating system combinations may work with Concur Travel & Expense service, but may not show all the information as necessary.  Concur Technologies is only able to provide support for those listed above.

Answer: The Concur Open Dashboard provides users a glimpse at system outages and interruptions.