Direct Pay

Direct Pay Request (DPR)

What is a Direct Payment Request (DPR)?

The Direct Payment Request (DPR) is a vehicle to be used to submit payment directly to a Supplier without a purchase order. Payments to Suppliers may be processed via the Direct Payment process when there is no need to obtain a purchase order, procurement card cannot be used or if it does not fall under the CSU Policy guidelines for Contracting & Procurement. Whenever possible, these types of payments should be made via a Procurement Card for cost savings to the University.

A completed Vendor Data Record form must be on file with Procurement & Contract Services prior to submitting the DPR to Accounts Payable.

Each DPR must have an authorizing signature. The authority to approve and sign a DPR must be delegated in writing by an employee’s Program Center Administrator. All approving signatures on the DPRs will be verified for approving authority. Any DPR without a proper signature will be returned to the department. To request authority to approve and sign a DPR, please fill out the Request for CMS Financials User Access form.

Employees may not request and approve a payment for themselves. The DPR will need to be approved by another delegated person with approving authority.

There is no dollar limit for Direct Payment Requests, however second signatures are required on all University checks of $50,000 or more.

Contractual Services performed by an individual or a company are not eligible for Direct Pay. No contractual commitments may be made to a third party on behalf of the university unless authorized by Procurement and Contract Services personnel who have the proper delegated authority.

What is required?

Completed Vendor Data Record form (204 Form) and Federal Form W-9 submitted to Accounts Payable. Signature of department approving official (Navigation in CFS to verify current signers: CSU Delegation of Authority >Delegation Inquiry). To update approving officials, use the CFS Finance System Access Request Form.

Authorization Request: (Any requests not listed below may not reimbursed on DPR)

  • Accreditations: Payments to an accrediting body for expenses associated with the accreditation process
    • Requires an invoice
  • Accounting Services Requests – Accounting only
  • Books and Publications: Includes audio and visual media
    • Ordering - 2 copies of the order form required
    • EBSCO refunds
  • Contest Winnings
    • Requires a copy of contest flyer
  • Dept. of Homeland Security – Fraud prevention and detection filing fees
    • Requires a copy of H-1B filing fee form
  • Event Fee: Payment to supplier for a chair or table at an awards banquet or Gala OR booth space at an expo/conference
    • Payment in advance of event - requires order form or flyer of the event
    • Payment requested after the event - requires an invoice from supplier
  • Game Officials: Athletics Dept only
  • Game Guarantees: Athletics Dept only
  • Honorariums: Payment for guest speaker services and reimbursement for related travel expenses
  • Insurance Payments – CSURMA and others
  • Membership dues/Subscriptions: Payment for magazine subscriptions and membership dues
    • Payment in advance - requires 2 copies of the order form
  • Mentoring Services
  • Musicians/Concert Performances – Individuals only and no agreement associated with performance
  • Petty Cash Fund Replenished – Bursar's only
  • Property Taxes – Budget only
  • Sacramento County Recorder’s office - Bursar's only
  • Settlement Payments – HR & University Counsel only
  • Student Stipends - Financial Aid approval needed•Utilities – Facilities only
  • Postage meters – Mailroom only
  • Other - Only with PRIOR Approval from AP

Which form do I use?

The Direct Payment Request form is available . Please ensure you are using the most current form Any other forms will be returned to the department where it originated.

Do I need a Vendor Data Record form?

A completed Vendor Data Record form is needed when doing business with the State of California. The University is required to have vendor tax ID information on file for all vendors before a payment can be made. For further questions about the Vendor Data Record form, please contact Accounts Payable and Travel.

What is the difference between a payment and a reimbursement?

A payment is made directly to a vendor. A reimbursement is made directly to an employee, or an individual, who has already paid for the items in accordance with the Direct Pay Request policy and the Business Hospitality guidelines.

When can't I use a DPR

  • Monthly fees or other services including repairs
  • Food, non-catered events (less than $50.00) - may be reimbursed via the Petty Cash Reimbursement Process.
  • Communication devices (landlines, pagers, cell phones, DSL)
  • Postage Stamps
  • Shipping (FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS)
  • Employee travel expenses (Parking or tickets)
  • CSUS Employees performing services - contact Human Resources
  • Office Supplies - use the Stockless Office Supply Program by Office Max
  • Printing - contact Procurement & Contract Services for requirements
  • Toner cartridges

When will my DPR be paid?

DPRs normally take up to two weeks to be paid from the date it is received in Accounts Payable.

Your DPR may be held up for any of the following reasons:

  • There is no Vendor Data Record form on file with Procurement & Contract Services
  • The DPR is for a reimbursement that is not allowed
  • The DPR is missing receipts and/or a list of attendees
  • The DPR has incorrect information or is incomplete
  • The approval signature is missing
  • The approver is not authorized to expend funds from the department ID listed on the DPR form