Payment in Advance

A payment in advance is a payment issued to a vendor before the service is performed or the commodity is received.

Examples of PIAs include: services, hotel deposits, catering services, and payments to Guest Lecturers. PIAs for Non-Resident Aliens are not allowed. See the Procedures for Payment to NRA Individuals and the Non-Resident Taxation page.

Payments in advance must be requested through the Procurement & Contract Services office. The request for a payment in advance must be noted on the requisition. Please contact Procurement Services for any questions regarding PIAs.

Once Procurement & Contract Services authorizes a PIA, the Accounts Payable office will issue a check and a disbursement voucher to the vendor. The vendor must sign the disbursement voucher and return it Accounts Payable. The disbursement voucher is issued in lieu of an invoice.

All requests for a PIA must be received in Accounts Payable before 2 p.m. the day before the check is needed. Any PIA requests received in Accounts Payable after 2 p.m. will be processed the following business day (a one-day delay) regardless of the date the check is needed.