Sacramento State US Bank Travel Card 

General InformationUS Bank - Travel Card

The US Bank Department Travel Ghost Card is a representative travel card for departmental use within University departments. As part of the travel program, departments may elect to request a departmental card by completing a US Bank VISA Travel Card Application (Ghost Card) located on the Accounts Payable forms website. The US Bank Travel Card is used by authorized departmental staff to support University employee travel. The departmental Ghost Card shall be used for official University travel only.

Department Cards (Ghost Cards) are not provided a plastic (physical card) the bank provides the University Travel Administrator a letter with all the applicable Travel Card information. Upon receipt of the letter, the Travel Administrator will coordinate with designated personnel within the applicable department for activation of the Ghost Card. The Departmental Card allows authorized department staff to pay for University travel related requirements. The card will assist University traveler's with payments for airlines, car rentals, companies and hotels. The government card may not be used for personal business or personal purchases outside of the University Business.

The Travel Car is ordered by the Travel Card Administrator (Accounts Payable Department) distributed accordingly to the University Department requesting the card. Any changes to the card are the responsibility of the department and must be paid in full every month. A travel card application must be used in CFS for monthly reconciliation of Travel Card charges. This CFS application is used to make adjustments to the chartfield distributions, record detail descriptions, and review historical billing information. Once a month, US Bank produces a file for all travel card account holders. The file is electronically sent to the University Accounts Payable and is loaded into CFS, after completion of the file upload travel card users are notified by mail on or about the 25th of each month. After the notification, travel card users must complete their reconciliation process in CFS. 

The US Bank Department Travel Ghost Card issued through the Sacramento State program may be used for the following types of travel related requirements:

  • Airlines
  • Auto Rental
  • Boat Rental
  • Car Rental
  • Commuter Transport
  • Hotels
  • Passenger Rail
  • Taxicabs/Uber/Lyft
  • Trailer Parks/Camp Sites
  • Travel Service

The card will be reviewed for inappropriate purchases. Any inappropriate purchases will be subject to audit and audit findings. It is the responsibility of University personnel to turn in all appropriate receipts related to purchases made when using the card. Inappropriate use of the card may result in:

  • Suspension of the card for 30 days
  • Cancellation of the card
  • Notification of the misuse to the appropriate Administrator
  • Appropriate Personnel Action by the Office of Human Resources

Applying for a card

Complete US Bank VISA "Departmental Card (Ghost Card)" Application located on the Accounts Payable forms website:

Corporate Card Assistance

24-Hour Customer Service
(Cardholder Support)
Phone Number: 800-344-5696

  • Balance Inquiry
  • Statement Inquiry
  • Disputed Item
  • Declined Purchases
  • Lost/Stolen/Compromised Card

Fraud Department
Phone Number: 800-523-9078

Sacramento State Travel Card Administrator (s):

  • Sarah Hansen at 8-5858
  • Sarah David at 8-6477
  • Daljit Khangura at 8-5857