Public Records Act Requests

Many of Sacramento State's records are available for public inspection under the California Public Records Act (California Government Code § 6250 et seq.).

Public Records Act requests should be submitted to the Public Records Coordinator orally or in writing. For clarity purposes, the University encourages written requests. Please submit written requests for public records to PRAREQUEST@CSUS.EDU to ensure timely processing. 

Requests for public records must reasonably describe identifiable records and must be focused, specific, and clear enough for the University to conduct a reasonable search for the records sought. The Public Records Act does not require the University to answer questions or to create documents that do not already exist.

Following the receipt of a Public Records Act request, the University will initiate a reasonable search for the requested records and will notify the requester within 10 days whether the request in whole or in part seeks copies of disclosable records. Disclosable records responsive to the request will be made available to the requester within a reasonable amount of time. Please be aware that the law exempts certain records from public disclosure. The University may charge the direct cost of duplication for copies, $0.20 per page (California Government Code §6253(b)).

Questions regarding this process may be directed to the Public Records Coordinator at PRAREQUEST@CSUS.EDU