The University is committed to financial transparency. In addition, there are reporting requirements which must be met. BPA's contributions toward these goals include the following:

  • Prepare and distribute the Annual Report of Budget, Expenditures and Financial Information, which contains the campus' financial information for the prior fiscal year as well as budget information for the current fiscal year. View the Annual Reports here.
  • Prepare and submit the annual campus Financial Information Records Management Systems (FIRMS) budget to the Chancellor's Office.
  • Maintain department hierarchy and Department ID/Class Chart Fields in the campus financial system.
  • Reconcile campus budget entries against State Controller's records utilizing the SAM99.
  • Participate in validating and developing data warehouse reports for the campus community.

 budget transfers requested by departments

c.       Calculate and distribute monthly allocations from the centralized benefits pool

d.      Calculate and distribute allocations for certain compensation increases