Billing & Collections

Billing generates invoices for the collection of accounts receivable for the university.


We are the primary contact for collection of the following student loans, as well as for the entrance and exit requirements.  These loans are awarded by the Financial Aid Office.

Perkins and Nursing Loans
Each year that a student is accepting the offer of one of these loans, they must complete on-line pre-loan counseling as well as an electronic promissory note.  Check your To Do list on the Student Center through MySacState at

After ceasing to be enrolled at least half-time, you will be required to complete exit counseling.  Again, please check your To Do list.  Please be aware that a hold will remain on your records until the requirement is complete.

Lockhart and Goethe Loans
The first time a student is accepting the offer of one of these loans, they must complete pre-loan counseling in our office.  Please call (916) 278-6736 or visit us at Lassen Hall, Room 1003 to make an appointment.  At your appointment you will also be required to complete a promissory note and contact sheet.  Then you will need to sign for each disbursement that you receive at Lassen Hall, Room 1001.  

Your Personal Financial Advisor

Every college student struggles with money, no matter how much they have, there never seems to be enough. Come meet the experts who can show you how to get through college without unnecessary debt. We will show you how to plan and shop for credit, maintain healthy spending habits and how to keep track of your student loans.

During the semester, workshops and individual appointments are available to all students and student groups. Call for more information (916)278-6736.

If you are having trouble paying your fees, or any other obligation owed to the University, please come in to discuss the alternatives available to you.