Fees, Deadlines & Refunds



The CSU makes every effort to keep student costs to a minimum. Fees listed in published schedules or student accounts may need to be increased when public funding is inadequate. Therefore, CSU must reserve the right, even after fees are initially charged or initial fee payments are made, to increase or modify any listed fees. All listed fees, other than mandatory systemwide fees, are subject to change without notice, until the date when instruction for a particular semester or quarter has begun. All CSU listed fees should be regarded as estimates that are subject to change upon approval by the Board of Trustees, the Chancellor, or the Presidents, as appropriate. Changes in mandatory systemwide fees will be made in accordance with the requirements of the Working Families Student Fee Transparency and Accountability Act (Sections 66028 - 66028.6 of the Education Code). For specific information on the amount of tuition fees and campus fees you owe and to view your due dates, check your account at My Sac State.

Registration Fees per Semester (Fall 2019 and Spring 2020):

Tuition Fee Chart

Non-resident Tuition:

$396.00 per unit plus registration tuition fees and mandatory campus fees listed above.

Graduate Professional Business Fees:

$270.00 per unit plus tuition fees, mandatory campus fees listed above and non-resident tuition (if applicable).

On-Campus Housing:

For information on housing costs and meal plan options, please visit the Housing & Residential Life website.

Online Safety Training Fee:

As part of joining the Sacramento State community, ALL incoming students are required to complete an online sexual violence prevention training.  Undergraduate students are also required to complete training in alcohol abuse prevention. To complete the required tutorials, use your SacLink account information to log on to https://studentsuccess.org/students/csus. You will be charged a one-time fee ($10.00 for undergraduates; $5.00 for graduate and CCE students), which is part of the regular tuition fee process to cover the cost of the tutorials. For more information please visit Student Health and Counseling.

Student Representation Fee (SRF) :

This $2 contribution ensures that CSU students have a say on tuition, financial aid, student services, course availability, and academic advising. Elected student leaders oversee involvement and representation dollars through the California State Student Association (CSSA). CSSA is the official student voice at the university system, state, and federal level. In addition to supporting student representation, this contribution increases opportunities for students to acquire relevant career skills, apply for scholarships, participate in internships, and advocate on issues that are important to students.

Each CSU student will have the ability to elect not to pay the fee for financial, political, or personal considerations each time it is assessed. To opt out, go to the Account Inquiry link from the Student Center page, under the Finances Section.  From the Activity page you will see a list of all fees, and this $2 fee will have an opt out feature.  You will have the ability to opt out each semester through census date – one month into the term.  If you do not opt out, and the fee remains unpaid as of census date, then the fee will be waived.

Definition of Mandatory Campus Fees:

Tuition Fee - Fee established to augment the budget for Instructional Services.

$71.50 Associated Students Inc. Fee - To provide for non-instructional activities and programs which are designed to benefit all students and to maintain the student's well- being. Associated Students, Inc. programs include PEAK Adventures, Aquatic Center, Child Care Center, Student Life and Services (Community programs, KSSU Radio Station, SAFE Rides, and Green Sting), ASI Business Office, ASI Government Office, and Office of Governmental Affairs.

$150.00 Intercollegiate Athletics/Spirit Leaders Fee - To provide support for Intercollegiate Athletics and Spirit Leaders. Includes support for scholarships, travel, coaches, and other support for athletic teams.

$22.00 Transportation Fee - To provide support for alternative transportation for students including free ridership on Sacramento Regional Transit and its affiliates.

$15.50 Recreational Sports Fee - To provide support to Recreational Sports Programs. This includes Sports Clubs and Intramural Programs.

$393.00 University Union/WELL Fee - To provide support for the University Union building, The WELL, and all programs associated with the function of those facilities.

$24.00 Health Facilities Fee - To provide payment for the bond on the Student Health Center.

$8.00 Instructional Related Activities Fee - These funds are to provide support for essential educational experiences and activities that aid and supplement the fundamental educational mission of the University.  For example, laboratory experiences which are at least partially sponsored by an academic discipline or department and which are, in the judgment of the IRA Committee and the President, integrally related to its formal instructional offerings.  Activities which are considered to be essential to the quality of an educational program and an important instructional experience for any student enrolled in the respective program may be considered instructional related.

$126.00 Student Health & Counseling Services Fee - To provide basic health services to students at the Health Center.  Basic care is the treatment of common illnesses or injuries.

$3.00 Hornet Newspaper Fee - To provide support for the State Hornet Newspaper. This includes free copies of the student newspaper to students, printing costs and web based services.

Pro-rated Fees:

If you withdraw (or are dropped from your classes for not paying) after the first day of the term, you will be responsible to pay approximately 1% per calendar day from the first day of the term until the day of being dropped or withdrawing.

Due Dates:

Fall 2019 Registration Period..........Fee Due Dates
April 29 - June 7..........Friday, June 21
June 10 - June 28..........Friday, July 12
June 29 - August 2..........Friday, August 16
August 12 - August 22..........Friday, August 23
August 26 - September 5.........Friday, September 6
September 6  - September 18..........Friday, September 20
September 19 - September 23..........Pre-payment of fees is required

Failure to pay in full by specified due dates may result in the following:

  • enrollment cancellation from all courses, which may include notification to your professors, forfeiture of fees paid to date, a reenrollment fee of $100.00 late registration fee, late payment fees, delayed re-registration, requirement to prepay, loss of continuing student status for the following semester;
  • pro-rated fees if you are dropped for non-payment after the term begins, you will owe approximately 1% per calendar day from the first day of the term until the day of cancellation
  • a hold on your student records which prevents you from registering, adding or dropping courses, and receiving your diploma and/or transcripts;
  • a late fee of $15.00 each month;
  • lost eligibility for Installment Payment Plans for subsequent semesters;
  • collection action, including interception of state tax refunds, collection agency referral and/or small claims court, where you will be responsible for all applicable.


The University does not send paper billing statements in the mail.

  • Due dates and amounts will be visible on your account the day after registering.
  • Log in to the Student Center at My Sac State choose the account inquiry link, and then the activity tab.


Resident Tuition Fees Installment Payment Plan:

The Installment Payment Plan requires that tuition fees and campus fees are paid in four installments. The down payment is due on your original due date and represents the campus fees (Instructional Related Activities, Associated Students Inc., Intercollegiate Athletics/Spirit Leaders, Recreational Sports, Transportation, Health Facilities, University Union, Student Health and Counseling Services, and Hornet Newspaper Fee) and a one-time $33.00 non-refundable administrative fee. The last day to sign up for the plan is the day before the first due date. Follow the 4-step process below to enroll in the Installment Payment Plan (view the step-by-step tutorial):

  1. Log on to the Student Center through your MySacState at www.my.csus.edu.
  2. Scroll down to the Finances Section and click on the drop down menu arrow.
  3. Select the Payment Plan option.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to be put on the plan.

Payment Plan Fee Chart

  • You may not use the IPP if you have a fee waiver or a third-party sponsor.
  • If you have registered late, you may owe as much as the first two payments to avoid enrollment cancellation.
  • Late installment payments will incur a fee of $15 each time you are late.
  • Missed payments (or rejected checks) may result in inability to use the Installment Payment Plans for all subsequent semesters, enrollment cancellation, forfeiture of fees already paid, and a hold on your record. If you lose your classes, you may not be able to get them back due to wait lists.
  • Cancellation of your enrollment may result in pro-rated fees charged to your account.
  • If you re-enroll in the same term you may be charged a $100 re-enrollment fee, a $25 late registration fee and a $15 late payment fee. Re-enrollment eligibility after the term begins may be subject to instructor approval, and require payment of tuition fees IN FULL with guaranteed funds (cash, cashier’s check or money order), prior to being added back into your courses.
  • Failure to pay may result in additional collection costs, including those associated with referral to a third-party collection agency.

Non-resident Tuition Installment Payment Plan:

If you are a domestic non-resident or International student, you are eligible for this plan (unless you have previously defaulted). The Education Code allows a non-resident student to pay the required non-resident tuition on an installment basis; limited to three equal installment payments. A 15% non-refundable administrative fee will be assessed on the total non-resident amount. You are responsible for the due dates of the installment plan as stated on your contract. You will not receive paper bills in the mail.

Non-resident students who wish to use this installment plan MUST go to the Bursar's Office in Lassen Hall 1001 to sign an agreement. At that time you will be required to pay registration fees. Non-resident students may use both the Installment Payment Plan, and the Non-Resident Tuition Installment Payment Plans.

Non-Resident Installment due dates:

Fall 2019 Semester

  • September 6, 2019
  • October 6, 2019
  • November 6, 2019

Spring 2020 Semester

  • Dates TBD


$15.00 Late Payment Fee - This fee applies to when payments are not made by their due dates.

$15.00 OneCard Fee - The OneCard is Sacramento State's student ID card. Students who choose to get a OneCard are required to pay this fee to cover the materials, related security, financial, and University wide technology infrastructure used to produce the card. The fee for the initial card card is $15. The fee for a replacement card is also $15.

$20.00 Checks or Credit Cards Returned for Any Cause - Persons having more than one check (electronic or paper) returned to the University from the bank will not have any checks accepted for their duration at Sacramento State. This includes checks written by another party on the individual’s behalf. These persons are required to make payment by cash, money order, cashier’s check, or credit card only.

$25.00 Late Registration Fee - This fee applies to those registering during the late registration period. This also applies to those who have been canceled and are re-registering during this period

$100.00 Reenrollment Fee - This fee applies to those who have been canceled and are reenrolling for the same term as of the 1st day of instruction or later.

Course Fees - Campus departments may add additional course fees to your account. Most of these fees are added at the time of registration or shortly thereafter. These departments are, but not limited to:

  • Art
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Geology
  • Kinesiology
  • Nursing
  • Theatre Arts

Parking Fees - Weekly and semester parking permits are available for purchase by showing a valid Sacramento State OneCard at the Bursar's Office located in Lassen Hall or the University Transportation & Parking Services (UTAPS) office. Daily parking permits are available from a daily parking permit machine or at the UTAPS office. Visit the University Transportation and Parking website for list of current fees and regulations.

NOTE: This is not a complete listing of all fees that may be charged by the University.


Online Payment

Students have the ability to use CASHNet SmartPay to make convenient online payments. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to make a payment or view our Online Payment Tutorial.

  1. Login to your My Sac State account
  2. Click on the "Student Center" link
  3. Select the "Account Inquiry" link in the Finances Section
  4. Select the "Make an Online Payment" button at the bottom of the page
  5. On the green menu bar at the top of the page, click on "Make Payment"
  6. Click on the payment you would like to make
  7. Select the "Term" if prompted
  8. If you are on the payment plan, you may enter the the amount you would like to pay in the "Price" field.
  9. Click "Add to basket"
  10. If you would like to pay for another item, just click "Continue Shopping", then repeat steps 7-10
  11. When your basket is complete, click "Checkout"
  12. Select your method of payment and click "Continue Checkout"
  13. Click the square to acknowledge that you agree to the fee that will be charged (see below for fee amounts) and click "Continue Checkout"
  14. Enter your credit card or electronic check information and click "Continue Checkout"
  15. Review the totals and payment information and click "Submit Payment" to complete transaction

CASHNet SmartPay Service Fees

  • Electronic Check using bank account number and routing number (eCheck) $5.00 flat fee
  • Credit Card 2.75% of total amount (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover)

Parent Pin

CASHNet Online Services allows a student to create a PIN to allow parents to access their CASHNet Online Account information.  This feature eliminates the need to share your SacLink username and password information with your parents.

Students – How to Create a Parent Pin

  1. Log on to MySacState
  2. Click on the "Student Center" link
  3. Select the "Account Inquiry" link in the Finances Section
  4. Select the Activity tab
  5. Select the "Make an Online Payment" button
  6. Locate the Parent PIN box and click on "Add New"
  7. In the Parent PIN field, enter the Login Name you wish to assign to the parent
  8. Complete the rest of the required fields with parent's information.
  9. Select "Yes" to allow parent to use Parent PIN.
  10. Click the "OK" button (at this time a welcome email will be sent to the parent's email address. The email will contain the optional note, login information and temporary password.)

Parents – How to Use Your Parent PIN


  1. You will receive an email that contains your Parent PIN login information and a temporary password
  2. Click on the link in the email
  3. Enter the login information and password provided in the email you received
  4. You will be prompted to change password to one that you will remember
  5. Click "Submit"
  6. If you wish to make a payment at this time, please continue with step #3 below


  1. Go to: https://commerce.cashnet.com/csusacpay
  2. Enter your Parent PIN information (username and password)
  3. On the green menu bar at the top of the page, click on "Make Payment"
  4. Click on the payment you would like to make
  5. Select the "Term" if prompted
  6. If the student is on the payment plan, you may enter in the "Price" field the amount you would like to pay.
  7. Click "Add to basket"
  8. If you would like to pay for another item, just click "Continue Shopping", then repeat steps 4-7
  9. When your basket is complete, click "Checkout"
  10. Select your method of payment and click "Continue Checkout"
  11. Click the square to acknowledge that you agree to the fee that will be charged (see above for fee amounts) and click "Continue Checkout"
  12. Enter your debit card, credit card or electronic check information and click "Continue Checkout"
  13. Review the totals and payment information and click "Submit Payment" to complete transaction


Bursar's Office, Lassen Hall, Room 1001

  • Credit Cards/Debit Cards are NOT accepted for payment of Registration Fees in-person
  • Cash, check, money orders, OneCard and credit card checks are accepted for payment of registration fees. Please make these payable to "CSUS".
  • VISA, MasterCard, Discover, cash, check, and OneCard are accepted for payments OTHER than Registration Fees.


Checks need to arrive at the Bursar's Office by the due date, NOT by the postmarked date. Checks should be made payable to "CSUS" and mailed to:

Sacramento State
Bursar's Office
6000 J Street, MS 6052
Sacramento, CA 95819

Financial Aid

  • If you have been awarded financial aid and completed the required documentation, your registration fees will be deferred until the first disbursement of the semester. Check your My Sac State messages for notification of your deferment.
  • At the time of disbursement, the aid will apply to the registration fees and debts before any balance is disbursed to you.
  • If the aid disbursed does not cover the full amount of the registration fees owed, you will be responsible for the balance.
  • Even with a financial aid deferment, if registration fees are not paid in full by the end of the second week of instruction you will be subject to enrollment cancellation.


The Application Fee, Installment Fee, Reenrollment Fee, and Late Registration Fee are NOT refundable.

Refunds will first be applied to any outstanding debt owed to the University. Refunds of checks, echecks, or debit payment will be subject to a waiting period of 10 business days. International payments will be subject to a waiting period of 20 business days. Students who OFFICIALLY withdraw or drop units within the published deadlines do not need to complete an Application for Refund for resident and non-resident fees as refunds will automatically be issued.

Students who believe they have extenuating circumstances that warrant a refund after the published deadlines must submit a Refund Application with a complete explanation of the circumstances and any supporting documentation to theBursar's Office.

Withdrawing from all classes:

The deadline to withdraw and receive a 100% refund for Fall 2019 is August 23, 2019 (Spring 2020 TBD). After this date students are eligible to receive a pro-rated refund only if withdrawing from all classes.

Students who officially withdraw from the University prior to the first day of instruction will receive a 100% refund of Graduate Business Professional fees, tuition fees, campus fees, and non-resident tuition (minus a $10 processing fee).

Beginning with the first day of instruction through the 60% date of the semester, refunds will be on a pro-rata basis using the official withdrawal date. Students are not eligible to receive a refund for withdrawing after the 60% date. The pro-rata refund will be calculated by the number of CALENDAR days from the first day of the semester to the date of withdrawal.

To officially withdraw you must complete a Withdrawal Form and turn it in at the Student Service Center in the Lassen Hall 1st floor lobby. (Please note: Students who withdraw after the second week of the semester are also required to meet with a Student Service counselor.)

Drop in Units:

The deadline to drop units from full-time to half-time and receive a refund of the difference of fees for Fall 2019 is September 6, 2019 (Spring 2020 TBD). Resident students who drop from full to half-time after this date are not eligible to receive a refund. Non-Resident students who drop units after this date are not eligible to receive a refund. It is the student’s responsibility to become familiar with policies and procedures concerning add/drop and refund deadlines.

Students who drop from full to half time by the end of the second week of the semester are eligible to receive a 100% refund of the difference in tuition fees, minus a $10 processing fee. Non-resident students who drop units by the end of the second week of the semester are eligible to receive a 100% refund of the difference of non-resident tuition minus a $10.00 processing fee.

Resident students who drop units from full-time to half-time and non-resident students who drop units by the campus add/drop deadline will receive a refund of the difference in tuition fees and/or applicable non-resident tuition. Please note that the processing of drop-in-unit refunds will not begin until after the first two weeks of the term. If you received financial aid (including loans), your refund will not be considered until after the first four weeks of the term.

Financial Aid Refund (Return of Title IV Aid):

A student who receives aid and drops units, withdraws, drops out, is expelled, etc., during or after the first day of instruction will be reviewed in accordance with the Federal Title IV Return of Title IV Policy.

Federal regulations require using the pro rata calculation if the student withdrew on or before the 60% date of the enrollment period.

Students who withdraw after the 60% date will be reviewed in accordance with the policy, referenced in California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Sections 41802 (resident) and 41913 (non-resident).

The credit or repayment is always determined by the student’s withdrawal date. Students are required to officially withdraw from the University. In the event that the student’s progress does not reflect attendance (i.e., 0.00 GPA resulting from “W” or “WU” grade), the unofficial withdrawal date used will be the mid-point of the payment period for which aid was disbursed or a date documented by Sacramento State.

A repayment situation may occur when a student receives aid then drops units or ceases attendance. Sacramento State must determine the student's revised eligibility.

Additional information concerning the Return of Title IV calculations is available in the Financial Aid Office.

Parking Refunds

Students requesting a refund of parking fees must complete a Refund Application at and affix the parking permit to the application. The Application for Refund will be processed by the Bursar's Office. No refunds are issued for weekly permits. Visit University Transportation and Parking for a current schedule of refund amounts.

Summer and Winter Intersession Refunds

Please complete the online College of Continuing Education (CCE) Refund Application for Summer or Winter Intersession refunds. For more information about CCE refunds please visit the websites below: