About EHS

The office of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) works to assure safe and healthful environments for all segments of the campus population, through programs of information and education, review and monitoring, technical consultation, and provision of direct services. EH&S provides the University community the services and training needed to ensure safety and environmental responsibility. EH&S is also responsible for developing programs to ensure compliance with applicable state and federal health, safety and environmental regulations, and campus policies on environmental health and safety.

EH&S works closely with constituents to address local, state and federal regulatory compliance requirements, promote environmental stewardship, and provide technical expertise and support, through occupational safety training programs and workplace evaluations and inspections. 

As a unit of the Risk Management Services (RMS) family, EH&S collaborates with RMS units - Business Continuity Planning, Risk Management, Space Management and Workers' Compensation - to provide integrated and comprehensive services to the campus and its auxiliaries.

Organizational Information